Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

No Confirmed Measles Cases in Jackson County, Health Officials Underline

No Confirmed Measles Cases in Jackson County, Health Officials Underline

There hasn't been a case of measles in North Dakota since 2011, according to the Department of Health. However, since there have not been any confirmed cases in Chelan or Douglas County, students and staff are not now being excluded from school or child care.

Clark County Public Health said in a statement Wednesday there are also 13 suspected cases.

Authorities say there are now 38 confirmed cases of measles in an outbreak in the Pacific Northwest. The Chelan-Douglas Health District issued a press release today warning parents that children attending schools or day care are required to be vaccinated for measles.

WAC 246-105-080 authorizes schools, child care centers, or the local Health Officer to exclude any child or staff who does not have appropriate documentation of immunity against measles.

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"Most Oregonians have been vaccinated against measles and are protected, but there are pockets of people within communities that have low immunizations rates", public health officials said. "As of February 1, 2019, there are no additional cases have been identified in OR and there are no measles cases in Jackson County".

"Measles is airborne and highly contagious, so if you aren't vaccinated and you're exposed to somebody who has measles, you'll most likely get them", Howell said. For more information about the measles outbreak, check out this FAQ from Jackson County Public Health, or follow the or and Washington state investigation. The Health District is just warning to be sure to have your records in order.

Washington now has a sufficient supply of MMR vaccine for children and adults; however, as the outbreak continues, vaccine supply may be affected.

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