Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Going vegan could earn you lifetime tickets to Beyoncé, Jay-Z shows

Going vegan could earn you lifetime tickets to Beyoncé, Jay-Z shows

One lucky victor will get a pair of concert tickets annually for 30 years. But is this for real?

Bey shared the contest via an Instagram post to her more than 123 million followers.

Greenprint was launched in conjunction with Beyoncé's trainer, Marco Borges, a wellness guru, author and founder of 22 Days Nutrition. The offer only applies to United States residents. The promo ends April 22. The famous couple penned the introduction, writing they are "not about promoting any one way of living your life" but rather are encouraging people to "incorporate more plant-based meal into their everyday lives".

The website shows the positive effects of becoming vegan from how cutting carbon emissions could help build shelters in Haiti or save x amount of pitchers of water for a family in India. See some of the reactions from social media below.

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The online campaign obtained mixed reactions from fans, with some vowing to follow in the couple's path and others thinking it's a good enough sacrifice for free tickets.

You don't have to go all the way, just pledging to take a more plant-based approach is enough for Bey and Jay. Beyoncé has committed to both meatless Mondays and plant-based breakfasts, while Jay-Z has vowed to consume two plant-based meals per day.

Well, in fact, the "for life" part actually means "for 30 years", according to the contest rules, which might evoke somewhat uncanny thoughts on vegan life expectancy.

It's important to note the victor won't technically receive free tickets "for life" but rather a maximum of 30 years, according to the contest's official rules.

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