Published: Tue, January 29, 2019
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Rent Live's Brennin Hunt Reveals How He Broke His Foot

Rent Live's Brennin Hunt Reveals How He Broke His Foot

Fox's live broadcast of the rock musical Rent had a chance to show off the flexibility and work ethic of Broadway in the face of a set-back - and completely blew it.

Unlike a traditional Broadway show, the lead actors in "Rent: Live" did not have understudies. "Last night during our performance, in front of a live audience, one of our cast members sustained an injury", said Vanessa Hudgens, who played Maureen Johnson.

Rent was notable being not-quite live as cast member Brennin Hunt broke his foot before showtime, so Fox had to use some pre-taped footage from a dress rehearsal sparking mocking hashtags such as #RENTkindalive.

As we learned during the first commercial break of Rent on Fox, the broadcast was not actually live: Home viewers were watching a recording from the January 26 dress rehearsal. "In the spirit of "RENT", everyone - producers and cast, original and current - is dedicated to ensuring that tonight's broadcast must, and will, go on", they said in a statement. TVLine reports that Hunt may, in fact, have broken his ankle.

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Ironically, the topic of someone being injured during the show was brought up during a press conference weeks before the dress rehearsal. Before RENT, the previous low was 1.5 in the demo and 4.48 million viewers for FOX's 2017 "A Christmas Story Live".

Julie Larson, Jonathan's sister, said in a statement, "The experience of putting together this lovely new production of my brother's work, while emotional, has been truly joyous for all of us".

The high-energy rock musical by Jonathan Larson celebrates survival among the artists and homeless of New York's East Village. This new cast has embodied the spirit of the show from day one and they embraced Brennin with positive and uplifting love in his moment of need.

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