Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
Global Media | By Garry Long

Gov. Ron DeSantis' plane makes emergency landing in St. Petersburg

Gov. Ron DeSantis' plane makes emergency landing in St. Petersburg

News of a replacement for Sheriff Israel comes just days after he told his staff that DeSantis was suspending him over his office's handling of the Parkland schooting.

Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel on Friday called his ouster by the state's newly elected governor a "massive political power grab" and vowed to fight to regain his job and salvage his political career. "I served the county honorably and I will continue to do that". Governor DeSantis was forced to use the plane because former Governor Rick Scott sold the state air fleet and blocked lawmakers from buying a new plane a year ago.

Rick Scott asking him to suspend the sheriff for what they called his "incompetence and neglect of duty".

DeSantis, who was on the way to Fort Lauderdale for a press conference, was unharmed, his office said. DeSantis' Republican predecessor, now-U.S. Sen.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas public safety commission found that officials involved with the response to the shooting, including sheriff's deputies and high school assistant principals, offered accounts that contradicted surveillance video and other evidence.

Flanked by his supporters and his wife Susan, Israel said he will be fighting his suspension.

"He fails to listen to the people", Bell said of Israel, according to CNN.

They had very few three-pointers to speak of; in other words, they were the opposite of what the NBA is supposed to be today. In fact, not only do they have deficiencies, but they do not even have the tools or resources to resolve those deficiencies.

But he also pointed out no one was removed from office in the wake of other mass shootings in Florida.

A report earlier this week said Israel anticipated the move. He said he didn't want to deputies to undertake suicide missions.

Broward County Sheriff's Office training on active shooters was inadequate, according to the report, which recommended arming teachers and spending more on school security and mental health to prevent similar mass shootings.

Interested in Parkland school shooting? "I understand it's easier to say "Suspend Sheriff Israel" than it is to address the real problem: The problem around this nation of gun violence". These incidents demonstrate Sheriff's Israel's repeated incompetence and neglect of duty.

In his remarks, the sheriff boasted of his accomplishments while at the helm of an agency with more than 5,400 employees, including deputies and firefighters.

Parents also bashed Israel for saying during a nationally broadcast interview he had provided "amazing leadership" in the shooting's aftermath.

Sheriff Israel inserted the word "may" in the BSO policy, and it is insufficient and fails to unequivocally convey the expectation that deputies are expected to immediately enter an active assailant scene where gunfire is active and to neutralize the threat. He said DeSantis was acting on behalf of the National Rifle Association, which quickly blamed the sheriff's office after the shooting.

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