Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps

Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps

By telling Google Assistant "Hey Google, check in to my flight", it will begin the process entirely in Assistant and it even can ask if you have any checked bags. The company also confirmed that it is bringing Google Assistant to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers, which will allow users to control their favourite music, podcasts, and radio stations from anywhere in their home without ever picking up the phone. They'll be able to do so simply by saying, "Hey Google, check in to my flight" - no need to remember confirmation numbers. The tool will also fetch digital boarding passes.

Most of the white-clad Google workers I approached declined to be interviewed, because they said to refer questions from the press to Google's communications department.

- ”Thanks to their open ecosystem, 2019 Smart TVs are able to have seamless interactions with Amazons Alexa and Google Assistant. Some of the participating hotels include Choice Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Priceline, Expedia, and Travelclick. To use this solution, hotel guests will identify their language on the Google Home Hub screen and hotel colleagues will activate Interpreter Mode to translate the conversation.

While both Alexa and Google Assistant are omnipresent at the show, Google this year tripled its floor space and set up eye-catching features such as a roller coaster and a giant gumball machine.

Google announced a pilot of Interpreter Mode this week at CES at the concierge desk in Caesars Palace, as well as at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, and Dream Downtown in New York City. If there is a check-in available, Assistant will send a notification to remind you about it.

Scientists Detect Second Ever Repeating Fast Radio Burst Among Bakers' Dozen
A total of 13 fast radio bursts were observed, but six of them were of particular interest: they all came from the same location. CHIME identified a fast radio burst with the lowest dispersion yet discovered, suggesting its source is the closest to Earth.

Google is a leader in real-time translation functionality, though the field is still working on the basics.

Google's massive booth at the CES this year features a Disneyland-style ride, that gives attendees a glimpse at the different ways the Assistant can be used in everyday life.

One is making the service more handy for users on the go. It supports 27 languages on launch and aims to make it easier for travelers to get around overseas. But the travel industry is understandably willing to experiment with halfway fixes.

Brands like Sony, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, JVC, and Toshiba are following Samsung's lead, integrating the Google Assistant in future TVs.

It marks the second year that Google has made a big splash at CES, the largest tech trade event in the world, with this year's booth being its biggest yet as it tries to outdo rivals like Amazon.

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