Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

New HTC Vive Headsets Argue Virtual Reality Is Still A Thing

New HTC Vive Headsets Argue Virtual Reality Is Still A Thing

We'd like to give you a first look at VIVE COSMOS, the newest VR headset from VIVE. Now with Viveport Infinity, we're offering our members the best value in VR content with 100x more choice, all at one low price. That's right. This headset tracks your eye movements. HTC refers to this technique as "foveated rendering". HTC is a bit mysterious about it but it pretty much looks like a new virtual world you can "walk" into to experience other virtual worlds. From a development standpoint though the big advantage is that you can spend more hardware resources rendering whatever the user is looking at, making that priority look as good as possible while blurring out the less necessary background.

HTC General Manager, Americas, Dan O'Brien, positioned the Eye hardware as a great move for enterprise users. Where eye's look and how they behave are intrinsic parts of everyday communication, enabling you to understand if someone is happy, sad, or if they're lying to you.

There is an odd catch. This information is going to be used for data and analytics, which certainly has its ups and downs. As the name suggests, this new headset is bringing eye integration into the mix, improving performance for both the company and consumers.

That HTC, which reported a 62 percent drop in revenue year-on-year in its last earnings call, is hoping for virtual reality to revitalise its business is no secret: The company has been pushing its Vive platform heavily, from launching the high-end Vive Pro and self-contained Vive Focus to announcing software subscription offerings, big-budget film tie-ins, in-house studios, and even accelerator and venture capital programmes created to boost uptake of VR technology.

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With Vive Infinity you'll have access to more than 500 games AND apps rather than the usual five to 60 you get with Viveport Subscription.

What is the most exciting news you've heard so far during CES 2019?

The official page for the Cosmos shows a new type of controller, forgoing the traditional wand-style and trackpads for a joystick and buttons instead.

Interestingly, HTC says the headset can be powered via a PC or "other methods", hinting that customers can will be able to tap into the power of the smartphones for using the Cosmos on the go. Tell us all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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