Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Brazil's new president doubts prospect of Embraer-Boeing merger

Brazil's new president doubts prospect of Embraer-Boeing merger

Bolsonaro reiterated his decision to move Brazil's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but did not offer a timeline.

Bolsonaro said in the television interview that he is anxious about Russia's closeness with Maduro, the most significant USA foe in Latin America.

Bolsonaro, who took office on January 1, said in a television interview on Thursday he might be willing to allow a US base in Brazil as a way to counter Russian influence in Venezuela, a move that would mark a sharp shift in direction for Brazilian foreign policy.

Founded in 1969, Embraer is a world leader in regional aircraft manufacturing.

On Friday, asked by journalists in Brasilia about his openness to hosting a United States base, Bolsonaro said: "I have the American people as a friend".

Bolsonaro, an admirer of President Donald Trump, could usher in a shift in U.S. -Brazil relations at a time when the United States is vying for closer ties in Latin America and the Caribbean, as it seeks to counter Russian and Chinese influence in the region.

A reform of Brazil's bloated pension system will be among Bolsonaro's biggest challenges, since he has yet to build a base in Congress.

Earlier in December, two Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela, a deployment that accentuated soaring Russia-US tensions. Prison gangs in Brazil are powerful and their reach extends beyond the country's jails.

Flu season now in full effect
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"Israel is a sovereign state and we must respect it", Bolsonaro told Brazi's SBT.

The federal justice and public security ministry, which is now led by the former anti-corruption judge Sérgio Moro, ordered the security force officers to be sent to Ceará at the request of the state's governor, Camilo Santana, citing the "urgent" nature of the threat.

Gangs across Brazil typically carry out such actions to spread fear and in response to police crackdowns on the streets or in prisons.

Changes are set to include blocks on mobile phone signals and an end to a policy of separating prisoners according to gang membership.

"The legislative, executive and judicial powers have to make this commitment urgently", he tweeted.

Critics argue those ideas only risk inflaming Brazil's violent streets and worsening Brazil's murder tally, almost 64,000 people in 2017, a record.

According to World Prison Brief, Brazil has more than 700,000 people behind bars - the third-highest prison population worldwide after the USA and China.

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