Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Tech | By Constance Martin

Alleged Xiaomi foldable phone hands-on video surfaces

Alleged Xiaomi foldable phone hands-on video surfaces

Which brand of foldable smartphone are you up to?

Engadget noted that last time, the company came up with the revolutionary design of bezel-less front panel with its Mi Mix series handset, which became a trend with all other rival handset makers as well. Call them anything. With display sizes on smartphones increasing by the day, foldable smartphones seem to be the way forward with Samsung said to pave the way with their speculated "F" series, a glimpse of which we saw past year at the Samsung Developer Conference.

The manner the screen folds is quite different from the several concepts we have seen so far where the display is nearly always shown to bend along the middle, either longitudinally or horizontally. Yesterday saw what may be the latest of those leaks, with the normally reliable Evan Blass sharing what is said to be a video of an as-yet unannounced Xiaomi device. And now, a spooky video of a new foldable tablet/smartphone has leaked online with a triple fold technology.

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Reliable source Evan Blass has shared a video of what is believed to be a three-panel folding phone from Xiaomi.

The alleged tablet comes with MIUI 10 OS based on Android OS. The video does suggest that the screen is quite responsive in tablet and smartphone mode, and there's no lag whatsoever. Not only did the company unveil a new user interface for the upcoming phone, but Samsung has been working with Google to optimize Android for foldable screens.

Samsung has already shown its foldable phone, and the phone in the leaked video appears to build on the foldable phone designs we have already seen. It has been reported as far back as July 2018 that Xiaomi was working on a foldable phone, as we expect nearly every major manufacturer to be at least exploring.

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