Published: Fri, January 04, 2019
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Netflix begs Bird Box fans: Don't try this at home

Netflix begs Bird Box fans: Don't try this at home

Netflix said 45 million subscriber accounts worldwide watched Bird Box during its first seven days on the service, the biggest first-week success of any movie made for the company's almost 12-year-old streaming service.

The horror movie starring Sandra Bullock has also spawned hilarious memes revolving around its plot and use of blindfolds, which have dominated social media for weeks. So the lead stars wear blindfolds when they have to be outside. For example, a video posted on the channel of YouTube creator Morgan Adams, "24 Hour Bird Box Challenge", has accrued more than 1.7 million views since it was posted December 30, while this compilation of #BirdBoxChallenge user-posted videos has almost 350,000 views.

"Can't believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE", Netflix tweeted.

So be careful out there and as always don't do this at home...

Here's what you need to know.

Some people loved the film so much it became apart of their Christmas festivities.

Tiafoe starts 2019 with a ball hit at Federer's face
She is one of the biggest champions in our sport ever - men and women combined - so it is great to be playing against her". Williams grabbed at her right shoulder several times during the match, but was able to finish off the contest.

Some Twitter users have gone along with the plot of Bird Box, while others are hoping for a Quiet Place challenge.

Fans have rummaged through their cupboard for old bandannas and handkerchiefs and are throwing caution to the wind for the sake of living out their best Bird Box lives.

Have you seen Bird Box on Netflix and, if so, what did you think of it?

As the #BirdBoxChallenge went viral on Twitter, Netflix hastily reminded Bird Box fans not to injure themselves while cavorting around blindfolded like the characters in the film. Now Netflix wants them to chill. At the beginning of 2018, people were freaking out over the idea of the "Tide Pod Challenge", or eating Tide Pods on camera for views.

The Bird Box challenge is just one version of that meme, and it involves two things: putting on a blindfold, and behaving as if you are moving through an apocalyptic world.

So far, there are no reports of injuries as a result of this latest Internet challenge, yet just by looking at some of the available clips it's obvious this will only be a matter of time.

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