Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Russian Federation claims to have hypersonic, nuclear-capable missiles ready for deployment

Russian Federation claims to have hypersonic, nuclear-capable missiles ready for deployment

Russian President Vladimir Putin says a new hypersonic missile system that he says can evade US ballistic missile defenses will be deployed in 2019 as part of Russia's focus on advancing its military weaponry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has today overseen a test of a new hypersonic glide vehicle, declaring that the weapon is impossible to intercept and will ensure the country's security for decades to come.

The intercontinental, nuclear-capable hypersonic missile system will enter service in Russia's military next year, he added.

The new weapon was unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his State of the Nation address to the Federal Assembly on March 1.

At the time he said Russian Federation had developed the weapons because of Washington's efforts to develop USA missile-defense capabilities.

Putin has said that Avangard is designed using new composite materials to withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,632 degrees Fahrenheit) that come from a flight through the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds.

The Avangard missiles are created to fly faster and at higher altitude to avoid missile defense systems.

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He was speaking in Moscow after watching a live feed of the launch of the Avangard glide vehicle in what was described by the Kremlin as a pre-deployment test of the new missile system.

As it closes in on its target, the missile with a maneuverable gliding warhead can adjust both altitude and direction to avoid defenses and fly low enough to avoid most interceptors, Tass has reported.

It comes amid strained relations between Russia and the USA and Europe, with tensions stoked by Ukraine, the Syrian war and allegations of Russian meddling in America's 2016 presidential election.

Russian Federation and the United States have accused each other of violating the agreement.

"At this speed not a single intercepter missile can shoot it down", Borisov said.

General John Hyten, the four-star head of US Strategic Command, had earlier warned that the current generation of US missile-detecting satellites and radars won't be capable of spotting weapons such as the Avangard. The Kremlin told Russian news agencies the test had taken place in far eastern Kamchatka.

Putin has been threatening a new arms race amid fears in Russian Federation the USA would not renew the New START treaty that limits the development of nuclear weapons by both countries and is due to expire in 2021.

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