Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
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Apple's High-End iPhones Will Be Produced in India

Apple's High-End iPhones Will Be Produced in India

It is not now known whether Apple is pulling out of any factories in China or if this is simply an addition of manufacturing capabilities. The most expensive Apple phones such as the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max are expected to be built in Foxconn's Striperumbudur plant located in southern India.

A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that more Android users are switching to the iPhone.

Reuters reported that Foxconn now makes Xiaomi phones in India, while Apple already uses Taiwanese Wistron Corporation's facilities in Bengaluru to manufacturer the company's lower-end iPhone SE and iPhone 6S devices.

The investment may create as many as 25,000 jobs, he added.

Apple is bringing its iPhone production to India partially thanks to the looming threats and impacts of the China-U.S. trade war. Foxconn will be making high-end devices in the flagship Apple series, the report added. This number was 12 percent previous year after iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were released in September 2017 and 11 percent when the revolutionary iPhone X was shipped in November 2017. Till date, Apple has assembled only the lower-cost iPhone models that include iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in India via Wistron Corp's facility in Bengaluru.

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Complete details about Apple's deal with Foxconn are not yet clear.

It should be noted that it's now unknown whether Foxconn is planning to move its existing iPhone assembly from China to India.

"Widening iPhone manufacturing in India through Foxconn will allow Apple to hedge the risk of any new US trade policies", said Navkendar Singh, an associate research director at International Data Corporation.

Apple shares climbed 7 percent Wednesday, finishing the day at $157.17.

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