Published: Thu, December 27, 2018
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Trump Jabs At Mattis: I Gave Him A Second Chance

Trump Jabs At Mattis: I Gave Him A Second Chance

By Dec. 20, Mattis announced he would be stepping down from his White House post, protesting President Donald Trump's move to pull troops out of Syria and emphasizing his differences with the commander in chief over his friendliness toward authoritarian regimes.

Mr Trump made his displeasure with Mr Mattis clear on Saturday night by tweeting that he had been "ingloriously fired" by former President Barack Obama and he had given Mattis a second chance.

When Trump chose to pull USA troops out of Syria, he reportedly ignored the advice of his closest advisers, including Mattis, who had warned the president that ISIS still was still active in the region and that a US withdrawal would ignite chaos.

A senior administration official told Reuters that Shanahan "has a deep-seated understanding of military operations, and global security affairs, and importantly, has the breadth of large-scale business management experience that will enable him to effectively oversee the Defense Department". Mattis' resignation letter was delivered shortly after Trump's decision to announce a unilateral US withdrawal from Syria and a decision to also leave the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

The outgoing Secretary of Defense, James Mattis spent Christmas day the only way in which he knows how - working.

Rogers said, "I think this one is going to leave a mark on the president, for a whole host of reasons".

Mattis' resignation letter indicated that he disagreed with Trump's isolationist policies, writing that it was his belief the United States needed to maintain strong alliances and show allies respect.

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Shanahan, a longtime Boeing Co. executive, was nominated for the deputy job in early 2017. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan will be acting defense secretary.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned this month, reportedly in response to the decision to withdraw from Syria.

Brett McGurk, the top USA envoy to the worldwide coalition fighting the Islamic State militant group, also resigned in protest over Trump's Syria decision.

"That's not the kind of letter of resignation I think you should write", the official said, adding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had told Mattis on Sunday he would be leaving on January 1. "Even if I have get a little bit smaller, we will be okay".

"Since Washington crossed the DE at Christmas 1776, American troops have missed holidays at home to defend our experiment and democracy. No anger", he told the Times.

The US has for years supported the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the fight against IS in Syria. Let's hope that we see more of that in the New Year.

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