Published: Thu, December 27, 2018
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Piers Morgan Slams Kris Jenner Over Her Goyard Bag

Piers Morgan Slams Kris Jenner Over Her Goyard Bag

Cape Town - After threatening that 2018 would not see a new Kardashian Christmas card, Kim finally revealed this year's masterpiece.

This year the Christmas card includes Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, and Kylie as well as all their kids and Rob's daughter, Dream.

The famous family releases a festive card each year, though Kim Kardashian West had previously said they had no plans this time around.

She captioned the post: "The only present that's ever made me cry".

"Awhhh...this is such a handsome picture...should include Rob though", one person commented on the photo, noticing that his little girl, Dream, is pictured without either of her parents. If Kris and Kendall were present for the shoot, why aren't they in the photo?

It's here! The 2018 Kardashian Christsmas card!
Khloe Claps Back at 'Dramatic' Fan to Explain Why Kendall Jenner Isn't in Kardashian Christmas Card

Soon after Khloe's post, however, the leader of the pack, Kim, took to her social media to explain just how the picture came together.

The Kardashian clan put together a "last minute" Christmas card after declaring their longstanding tradition was dead. "We'll garner those wages for, you know, the next 10 years". "Kendall and my mom rushed to a meeting after this shoot so this is what we have", the mom-of-three continued.

Thompson's National Basketball Association team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, also have a game on December 26 in Memphis, so it's possible Thompson was traveling on the holiday and wasn't able to spend it with his daughter.

On her Insta Stories, the younger of the Jenner sisters also shared the reason why she had to leave the Kardashian holiday bash earlier than all the other family members and star guests. "My attractive girls and my precious grandkids, who bring me so much joy!"

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