Published: Sun, December 16, 2018
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Google Search Results for ‘Idiot’ Gives Trump; Google CEO Face Questioning

Google Search Results for ‘Idiot’ Gives Trump; Google CEO Face Questioning

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, tried to pin down Pichai concretely on privacy. "I would prefer not to regulate", said the congressman, "but I do think the application of our antitrust laws-which promote fair competition-needs to be reviewed". "Can Google track me when I move?"

"Google could well elect the next president with dire implications for our democracy".

As Pichai attempted to answer, adding that he needed to know more about the Apple device's settings before answering, Poe interrupted, saying, "It's not a trick question". But Poe chose instead to spend his limited time mocking Pichai for his answer.

Media watchdog Media Research Center documented 21 times the CEO dodged the China issue in front of lawmakers.

"If you want positive search results, do positive things".

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The stakes could rise dramatically if Google re-enters China, where the company shut down its Chinese-language search engine in 2010 over security and censorship concerns. Google disputes those findings and is still appealing the decision reached in 2017. Because that's the only explanation for the Monopoly Man being in Sundar Pichai's hearing and a Congressman thinking that iPhones are made by Google. The prevailing consensus so far is that the alleged bias most frequently falls on the left-leaning side of most debates, although that pendulum could swing now that Democrats will be the majority party in the House. He also talks about the benefits his family got after they got their first telephone. However, following a case of political bias filed.against Google, accusing them of manually intervening in results. Google departed China in 2010.

Following the hearing, the word "idiot" is now one of the most searched for terms in the U.S. on Google Trends. If that changes, Pichai promised to be "fully transparent" about the move.

Pichai was called to the House Judiciary Committee following a series of attacks by President Donald Trump and his supporters claiming that Google and other internet platforms were suppressing conservative voices, despite persistent denials from the companies. But statements by leading Republicans and Democrats make clear that new forms of regulation are likely to be applied in the coming months or years.

Pichai explained that it would be impossible for any Google employee or even group of employees to manipulate search because the process is so complex and has so many steps.

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