Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
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Lawmakers trigger confidence vote in UK PM May's leadership

Lawmakers trigger confidence vote in UK PM May's leadership

Earlier, a spokesman for May had dropped a heavy hint that she would signal an intention not to fight another general election, saying: "She does not believe that this vote, today, is about who leads the Conservative party into the next election - it is about whether it is sensible to change the leader at this point in the Brexit negotiations".

However, her motives are derived from her desire to stop Brexit.

One senior minister told The Herald that if his party leader won the vote, which he expected her to do handsomely, then she should immediately challenge Jeremy Corbyn to put down a confidence motion in the Conservative Government.

A ballot will be held between 1800 and 2000 GMT in a room at the House of Commons and an announcement made as soon as possible afterwards, he said.

Rutte has said repeatedly that the 27 European Union member states are united in their approach to Brexit and reiterated last month, after the deal was signed by European Union ministers that it is the "best we can get".

Economists, including the British government's own, have warned that such a "no-deal" Brexit could bring a recession, leave Britain's ports and cross-border trade in chaos and many European citizens' immigration status in question.

"We must and we shall deliver on the referendum vote and seize the opportunities that lie ahead", she said. The first one, David Cameron, resigned after calling the public referendum that led to Britain's decision to pull out of the European Union in the first place. So that was one reason, another reason was I know Theresa May and what you see, and that performance on the steps, was she gets briefed within an inch of her life every time she goes out and speaks.

But former cabinet minister Damian Green, who supports Mrs May, told BBC's Newsnight: "If people have written letters to this degree. this is an act of monumental self-indulgence".

The challenge to May "will be seen as self-indulgent and wrong".

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The European Court of Justice, meanwhile, handed down a ruling on Monday concluding that the United Kingdom could unilaterally withdraw its notice to leave the EU.

Justice Secretary Gauke said that if MRs May lost, Brexit would have to be delayed.

If the Brexit agreement is accepted by the U.K. Parliament, it must still be endorsed by the European Parliament before March 29. What happens if she loses (Pic: GETTY / PA) What is a vote of no-confidence?

Enough Tory MPs have requested a vote of confidence in Theresa May to trigger a contest which will take place tonight. Theresa May would need a simple majority of the total votes registered in order to win.

If all Tory lawmakers cast ballots, May needs 158 votes to win, though a narrow victory could leave her weakened and under pressure to resign. If she wins, she can't be challenged again for a year.

The result means she can not now be challenged for a year, giving her a respite and the chance to see Brexit delivered.

Conservative leadership contests have two parts.

Mrs May insisted she would stay on to "finish the job" she has set herself as Prime Minister of addressing priorities like the economy, public services and housing as well as delivering on the result of the 2016 referendum. But he adds: "If there are two candidates, and that is the expectation - there will be a postal ballot and that inevitably takes longer".

Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery said: "With only weeks left before Britain leaves the EU, Theresa May's weakness and failure has completely immobilised the Government at this critical time for the country".

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