Published: Mon, December 10, 2018
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Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: Beginner's Tips, How To Unlock Characters, And More

Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide: Beginner's Tips, How To Unlock Characters, And More

In the wake of last night's news about Joker from Persona 5 coming to Super Smash Bros. However, as with these kinds of lists for past games in the franchise and other fighting games, this particular set of rankings from the TSM player will likely change as the competitive scene evolves. "Ultimate" will be the largest task facing new players picking up the new Nintendo Switch game.

In order to obtain Simon, you'll have to play Classic Mode a minimum of four times.

Another trick: Polygon created a guide on how to unlock characters fast, too.

Along with updated moves and final smashes, Sakurai-san and his team have updated the visuals for nearly all the characters matching them with, more often than not, their latest game appearance. It's going to take some time before players can unlock Joker in Smash Ultimate, but there's one easy way that series fans can make sure they have access to Joker the moment he becomes available.

"Repeating this trick will get you a new challenger after just about every Smash match, so long as you're changing the language after each game".

Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Joker as a DLC fighter – but not the one you're thinking of

A new character will appear. You can rematch challengers via the "Challenger's Approach" option in the Games & More section of the menu. This means if you lost to Ice Climbers and try to obtain them again right away, Simon will appear instead since he's next in line. This year, aside from December's Super Smash Bros.

Players who buy the Super Smash Bros.

But, it also helps to know a few tricks to get it done faster and start playing your favourite characters against your friends.

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