Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
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Giuliani Misses a Space on Twitter and Things Spiral

Giuliani Misses a Space on Twitter and Things Spiral

Because Giuliani doesn't understand how computers work, he then got angry that the link he himself typed was in his tweet, assumed it was Twitter itself allowing someone to "invade him" with liberal content - and went ballistic.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former lawyer, is busy singing for his freedom to Robert Mueller and those involved with the Russian Federation investigation.

Velazquez's webpage consists of two elements, displayed the message that Giuliani described as "disgusting": "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country" and carrying a link to coverage of Mueller's investigation.

" basically anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of the internet (clearly not including cybersecurity expert Rudy Giuliani), the reason there is no link for that is because ".either" is not (yet) a top level domain, and thus Twitter's systems don't see it as a link and don't automatically link it. He shared what he had done on Twitter, writing, "Rudy didn't separate g-20 so ya boy bought the domain". But what they may not know is that Giuliani is also an informal advisor to Trump on cybersecurity. The same thing-period no space-occurred later and it didn't happen.

"In a tweet Friday, the former Big Apple mayor failed to add a space between a period and the word "in" - creating the term ".In", which is used to denote websites operated in India. "FAIRNESS PLEASE", Giuliani tweeted last night.

Giuliani Misses a Space on Twitter and Things Spiral
Giuliani Misses a Space on Twitter and Things Spiral

"Don't tell me they are not committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers", Giuliani said of Twitter. "Instead he tweeted about it and created a conspiracy theory against Twitter".

Maybe, Velazquez said, Giuliani had wanted to "take some of the attention away" from the court filing.

Rudy Giuliani's original tweet with the typo and the link to the anti-Trump website has been shared over 16,000 times since it was published.

Now, below the anti-Trump text in slightly smaller font, is a headline about Mueller and Flynn that links to a relevant Reddit thread.

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