Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
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Murder charge for Botham Jean's killer

Murder charge for Botham Jean's killer

Amber Guyger, who is white, told investigators that she mistook Jean's apartment for her own on September 6 and thought she'd encountered an intruder.

District Attorney Faith Johnson said that by 3 p.m., Guyger had turned herself back in on the murder charge.

Allison Jean said Friday that she had not been satisfied with the earlier charge of manslaughter against Amber Guyger, who said she mistook Botham Jean's apartment for her own.

Bertram Jean, Botham Jean's dad, said he and his family were praying for their son's killer. "He didn't deserve that".

After listening to testimony all day on Wednesday, a Texas grand jury has chose to indict Amber Guyger for murder in the shooting death of Botham Jean this past September. Johnson also said her office interviewed 300 witnesses.

Johnson would not give details of the secret grand jury proceedings, but says physical evidence and witness testimony convinced jurors it was a case of murder and not manslaughter.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings issued a statement after the announcement in which he said the indictment was "another step on the long path toward justice for Botham".

"We really hope that our hearts will be comforted even more", he said.

Jean's family and their attorneys waited at the Frank Crowley Courts Building all week.

Merritt said he believes those were Jean's last words.

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"I want to say to the family. He felt safe and he was violated by her coming in and murdering him", she said. "I don't know what happened in the grand jury, but I believe emotion was injected into this that might have led the grand jury astray from just focusing on the law and the evidence". This hasn't been tried it in a fair forum yet. "I don't know any forensic reports, but based on what I have seen, manslaughter is an inappropriate charge, based on the circumstances as I understand them", adding, "Once I get in there and I get everything in front of me and it appears the most appropriate charge is murder, then that's the charge we will go forward with".

At the press conference, reporters asked Johnson why the charge was bumped up to murder.

Her husband took the microphone next, saying that their family is "hurting deeply" but take solace by the indictment.

Guyger told investigators she mistook Jean's apartment for her own and thought she'd encountered an intruder.

Guyger was initially charged with manslaughter in the days after the September 6 shooting.

Dallas Police Chief U. Reneè Hall said in a statement everyone in the department "continues to feel anguish about this hard and tragic event". The chief outlined some of her policy changes.

Jean's death ignited outrage in Dallas and around the country as questions about Guyger's version of events piled up and officials didn't take her into custody for days after the shooting.

Guyger was at first placed on administrative leave after shooting Jean, but fired days later, with the Dallas police chief citing in a tweet that Guyger was "terminated for her actions".

The Dallas County court records were posted Friday before authorities were set to announce a grand jury's decision on the fate of Amber Guyger.

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