Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
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Major 7.2 magnitude quake rocks Anchorage, Alaska; tsunami warning issued

Major 7.2 magnitude quake rocks Anchorage, Alaska; tsunami warning issued

The operators of the 800-mile long trans-Alaska pipeline said they shut the system down as a precaution following the quake in southcentral Alaska. "We live in natural disaster country ... but this was a big one".

Some people ran out of offices, while others sought shelter under their desks.

Lori Nelson, public affairs manager for Hilcorp Alaska LLC, which is the dominant oil and gas producer in the Cook Inlet, said via email that the company had no spills or injuries to report. At least two local television stations were briefly knocked off the air by the tremor, which some people said sounded like a roar of gunfire.

The Trans Alaska Pipeline that carries North Slope crude 800 miles (1,300 km) to the marine terminal at Valdez was shut down as a precaution, but no damage to the system was immediately detected, said a spokeswoman for the operator, Aleyska Pipeline Service Co.

Trump tweeted: "To the Great people of Alaska. I just keep thinking about how long our house was shaking and about how many aftershocks there were and how it just keeps coming and coming and coming", said Flannery.

Tens of thousands of customers lost power in the Anchorage area. Your Federal Government will spare no expense. Cracked and collapsed roads, damaged buildings now plague parts of the state.

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Several strong aftershocks left many Alaskans on edge Saturday morning after powerful back-to-back earthquakes struck on Friday. Walker's statement concluded. "God bless Alaska". The airport reopened hours after the quake.

The FAA said the tower at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport was evacuated.

Traffic throughout the region is said to remain snarled.

Blair Braverman said she was staying in a hotel with her husband when the quake hit. Localized tsunami-like waves called seiches are possible, however, especially if the quake or its aftershocks trigger landslides into bodies of water, Ebel said.

"The bed started shaking, everything was shaking so dramatically", she told CNN.

"With a slip rate of more than 2 inches per year, this fault may be one of the fastest-moving strike-slip faults in the world", Baldwin said. "There were computers flying, cameras toppling over".

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