Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Jailed Ukrainian sailors moved to Moscow

Jailed Ukrainian sailors moved to Moscow

The Ukrainian border security service announced on Thursday that for the duration of martial law, expected to last for at least 30 days, only Ukrainian citizens will be allowed to travel to the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula.

The long-simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine bubbled over on Sunday when Russian border guards opened fired on three Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea.

Kiev has demanded the return of its ships and the release of 24 sailors taken prisoner during the confrontation.

The Moscow Patriarchate, which is aligned with the Russian Orthodox Church, earlier dominated in Ukraine but has been challenged by a rival, known as the Kiev Patriarchate, formed after the 1991 break-up of the Russian-dominated Soviet Union.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday said Turkey could play a mediation role to ease tensions between Russian Federation and Ukraine after the seizure of three Ukrainian ships by Moscow sparked a major new crisis.

In Moscow, a Russian lawmaker was quoted by RIA news agency as saying Russia had no plans for a reciprocal move to bar Ukrainian men.

The explanatory note says that the current total of Russia's combat aircraft located along Ukraine's borders makes about 500 fighters and ground attack aircraft and 340 helicopters. Ukraine alleges that's effectively amounted to a blockade of its ports in that sea, with Russian Federation frequently stopping and searching its ships.

The White House on Wednesday said Trump and Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the Ukraine-Russia incident by telephone and "the two leaders expressed deep concern about the incident in the Kerch Strait and the continued detainment of Ukraine's vessels and crew members".

Erdogan said he would hold more talks concerning the standoff with both Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G-20 summit meeting in Buenos Aires.

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He blamed countries in Central and South America for large flows of migrants trying to reach and enter the United States . A separate video showed her talking about "liberal folks" and making it "just a little more difficult" for them to vote.

The Sea of Azov is widely viewed as the next front in the conflict between the two countries that started with Russian forces seizing Crimea in 2014 and then helping to destabilizs Ukraine by backing separatist forces in the eastern Donbass region.

The Russian military reportedly deployed a battalion of S-400 missile systems to the disputed peninsula.

He said that it had been organised by Ukraine's authorities "and, I think, the incumbent president in the run-up to the Ukrainian presidential election in March 2019".

The martial law was imposed following the weekend incident in the Kerch Strait between Crimea and mainland Russian Federation.

Asked about the Turkish offer, Peskov responded that "Moscow is grateful to all those willing to help de-escalate the tensions provoked by the Ukrainian side, but doesn't see any need for mediation efforts". This outward show of hostility has led to the ongoing undeclared war in the Donetsk region, in Eastern Ukraine.

To be clear, Ukraine is not attacking Russian Federation.

The state security service was investigating him under an article in the criminal code covering "violations of citizens' equality depending on racial ethnicity, religious convictions, incitement of inter-confessional hostility", SBU official Ihor Huskov said.

Merkel says that beyond Ukraine, Russia has been aggressive in several other nations creating "a belt of countries that cannot develop in the way they want and we can't, as Germans, close our eyes to that".

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