Published: Thu, November 29, 2018
Sports | By Brett Lawson

There Is Only One Real Disaster Scenario For The College Football Playoff

There Is Only One Real Disaster Scenario For The College Football Playoff

The top three - Alabama (12-0), No. 2 Clemson (12-0) and No. 3 Notre Dame (12-0) - remained in the same spots this week.

Ohio State faces Northwestern in the Big Ten championship in Indianapolis and Oklahoma rematches Texas in the Big 12 title game in Arlington, Texas.

"If you're going to sit here and be honest, how can we not say Georgia's one of the top-4 teams in the country right now heading into this weekend?"

The committee moved 11-0 UCF up one spot to No. 8, with the Knights' undefeated run not quite enough to get over the two-loss Wolverines. That possibility somewhat exists in the Georgia beating Alabama scenario, but it'd be hard to argue against the Tide being worthy of a selection if their one loss was to another playoff team, giving them the best loss of anyone in the hunt - that said, if OSU jumps OU with both winning somehow, Sooners fans and the Big 12 will rightfully riot.

Washington (9-3), Penn State (9-3), and Washington State (10-2) take us through No. 13, and the Texas Longhorns (9-3) come in at No. 14.

Nooses Found Outside Mississippi State Capitol On Eve Of Senate Runoff
The department posted photos of the signs on social media and sought information about them from the public. The matter was under investigation, he said, adding that he did not know what was on the signs.

That would be the Bulldogs' second loss of the season - they lost to LSU by 20 points in mid-October - and the playoff committee has never invited a two-loss team to dance.

Two SEC schools - Florida (9-3) and LSU (9-3) - round out the top 10.

The rest of the College Football Playoff Top 25 is as follows.

With conference championships this week, things could look quite different in the final iteration of the CFP rankings, out Sunday. Georgia moved into the fourth spot that was previously occupied by MI, heading into its SEC championship game against Alabama. But sitting at No. 5 with, finally, a Big 12 Championship Game on the line Saturday, the Sooners will have an opportunity to add that coveted 13th-data point the conference has craved since TCU was snubbed in 2014. With all of those teams outside the top four, they will be seeking to make a case for inclusion in the semifinals.

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