Published: Wed, November 28, 2018
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A look inside General Motors headquarters and assembly plants

A look inside General Motors headquarters and assembly plants

It will be crucial for Trump to recapture states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin if he is to win a second presidential term in 2020. "They better put something else in".

GM and its rivals are facing rising bills for technological transformation, increased risks from USA trade policy and investors reluctant to fund their traditional product strategies.

What can we learn from business legend Carlos Ghosn's downfall?

GM shares fell on Trump's tweets and were recently down 2.4 percent.

The company has marked a sedan plant in Detroit, a compact auto plant in OH, and another assembly plant outside Toronto for possible closure. Among the possibilities are the Detroit/Hamtramck assembly plant, which makes the Buick LaCrosse, the Chevrolet Impala and Volt, and the Cadillac CT6, all slow-selling cars.

"The PC government is also asking the federal government to work with their US counterparts to remove all tariffs so that impacted auto parts suppliers can remain competitive after the Oshawa Assembly Plant closes its doors".

Meanwhile, it's a fallacy to suggest that the new deal could have either prevented or ended up expediting the cuts, said Dan Ujczo, an OH trade lawyer who hails from Lordstown, the same community outside Cleveland that's home to one of the five GM plants where production is to cease next year.

"For this to come right before Christmas time, it's a slap in the face to us", Wolikow said. The second concerns the future: Doubts abound that GM and other century-old industrial giants will be able to cope with the rise of electric cars and self-driving technology, especially with the likes of Tesla Inc. and tech giants such as Google's Waymo perceived to be on the forefront.

Tesla Inc. has already reached the cap and GM is expected to be next. The expenditures to bring those vehicles to production will start to hit with new batteries and body architectures created to generate profits.

GM isn't the first to abandon much of the vehicle market.

Are other automakers planning similar cuts?

General Motors To Lay Off Nearly 15,000 Workers, Close Plants
The Monday closure of GM's plant in Oshawa, Ontario, was confirmed late Sunday by an official familiar with the decision. About 6,000 factory workers could lose jobs in the USA and Canada, although some could transfer to truck and SUV plants.

"Today our generation is facing a new Black Monday in the Mahoning Valley", Congressman Ryan said, "GM's announcement is devastating for the men and women working at Lordstown and everyone here in the Mahoning Valley". -Canada border, and from its main North American unions. GM said more than 14,000 jobs in the US and Canada were being slashed, the majority being white collar workers and others of factory workers.

In a press briefing Tuesday, top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow insisted that, although GM's massive layoffs are "brutal", the job losses won't affect the economy more broadly.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Monday, Trump said he told General Motors: "You're playing around with the wrong person". GM has said higher commodity prices will cost the company $1 billion this year.

They also cast a pall over this week's signing of the U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement, the hard-won successor to NAFTA that Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, acknowledged Tuesday was created to foster the growth of the auto sector. It plans to trim executive ranks by 25 percent, the source said.

Even as GM is moving to lay off salaried staff, the company is hiring.

Barra said that the goal was to make the company more efficient. It was about 50 percent cars just five years ago. Through the first nine months of 2018, though, that had fallen to a little over 31 per cent. But sales of the Chevrolet Cruze are off 22 percent.

"Most of the one-shift plants are sedan plants", Dziczek said.

GM also announced on Monday that it will end production at its assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, and at two other facilities outside North America, although it did not identify them. Also affected are transmission factories in Warren, Michigan, as well as Baltimore.

GM opened the Lordstown plant in the late 1960s.

Representative Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, seized on Trump's 2017 remarks. Current Gov. John Kasich said the state would set up a jobs center to help employees find new work.

Rivals Ford and Fiat Chrysler have both curtailed USA auto production. Auto manufacturers said earlier in the year that tariffs could bring job losses.

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