Published: Thu, November 22, 2018
Markets | By Erika Turner

Amazon says some customer email addresses exposed

Amazon says some customer email addresses exposed

CNET reports that Amazon has fixed the problem.

Starting on November 20, the Seattle-based behemoth began notifying an unknown number of customers via email that, well, something had happened to their data. However, many of those customers, which are spread throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, posted about the issue on social media.

USA e-commerce giant has sent an email to some customers letting them know that a "technical error" accidentally led to the public disclosure of names and email addresses. The issue has been fixed. It also told customers that changing passwords wasn't necessary. However, the company did email all the customers whose details were visible publicly, BetaNews explains. Before long, Amazon issued a second statement, published by Variety.

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There was no breach of Amazon systems or its website, and passwords were kept safe, according to the company. Still, many were perturbed by the ambiguous nature of the warning.

Multiple users confirmed on Twitter that they had gotten an email from Amazon, which the retailer later confirmed to be genuine, notifying them that the data has been shared, accidentally. Last year, Amazon recorded a profit of almost $2 billion during its fiscal quarter covering the holiday season.

Amazon is warning some customers that their email addresses may have been disclosed "due to a technical error" ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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