Published: Mon, November 19, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

IPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing

IPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing

Apple's new iPad Pro may be the last great tablet, but you'd be wise to handle it carefully.

If product destruction porn is your jam, the rest of the video is pretty interesting as well, particularly if you have an itch to see the guts of either the iPad Pro or the Apple Pencil. For starters, phones are a lot more compact than tablets, which means they should be a lot more durable.

When Zack tried to bend the 11-inch iPad Pro, it folded like "a piece of paper" proving that its structural integrity can be easily compromised. YouTuber JerryRigEverything put the tablet through a multi-part stress test, including the damning bend test, and he was left with a mangled wreck of an Apple device.

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After examining the damage, it was found that the crack took place right where the microphone hole is present and where the wireless charging dock is placed for the new and improved Apple Pencil.

As The Verge rightly points out, other iPad models can also bend a lot easier than iPhones, so it's not like this is a major discovery. Earlier, Filip Koroy of popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro showed how fragile the new iPad Pros are when dropped from waist height. A tablet this size will be placed often in backpacks, bags, or even on a couch cushion. The thin glass screen did not help with increasing the durability either, and the batteries were not properly compartmentalized to give the slate extra rigidity.

Nelson tested out the 11-inch display, the smaller of Apple's iPad Pro models.

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