Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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Newspaper Accidentally Mixed Up Spike Lee and Stan Lee

Newspaper Accidentally Mixed Up Spike Lee and Stan Lee

Saskatoon-based comic book artist Tom Grummett, who has drawn Superman for DC and the X-Men for Marvel, said Lee's passing was a shock, even though he was 95 years old.

Dozens of Marvel Comics movies, with almost all the major characters Lee created, were produced in the first decades of the 21st century, grossing more than $20 billion at theaters worldwide, according to box office analysts.

While he stopped writing comics in 1972, Lee continued to serve in a publisher role at Marvel. Entertainment that made their own multimedia superhero franchises, although none ever took off in popularity like his early Marvel work.

Lee and Gene Colan co-created the first Captain Marvel that debuted in December 1967. "And as much as we and the audience love the cameos, Stan loved and was so proud of every one". I've seen countless memes in tribute to Lee over the last 24 hours, the outpouring of love from the nerd world is quite overpowering.

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Stan Lee was born in Manhattan in 1922, and began his 75-plus-year career in comics when he was a teenager, according to Marvel, which he created with Jack Kirby in 1961.

Marvel's Sana Amanat, vice president of content and character development, gives one of the most poignant descriptions of Lee's contributions: "He's the heart of the Marvel universe". For the full list, head to Wikipedia and the full list of well over 300 characters, all attributed to Stan Lee in one way or another. His daughter J.C. Lee said in a statement to Reuters, "He felt an obligation to his fans to keep creating". Lee was also a World War II veteran, a screenwriter and married to his wife Joanie for 70 years.

There were also tributes from the wider community of actors, musicians, politicians, and comic book creators.

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