Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

CNN sues Pres. Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House

CNN sues Pres. Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House

"The fact that the White House Press Secretary is promoting this doctored video is reprehensible and grounds for dismissal", Colbert said.

Trump said "nobody manipulated" a video distributed by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders that showed Acosta resisting an intern's attempt to take a microphone from him during a news conference on Friday.

When the White House suspended Acosta's credential, they noted that CNN could still send another correspondent.

Trump responded by saying, "What a stupid question", adding, "But I watch you a lot". "She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or a contract with, I think, CNN".

Others have urged even stronger action in response to Trump's retaliation against Acosta.

"Revoking access to the White House complex amounted to disproportionate reaction to the events of last Wednesday", association president Olivier Knox said in a statement. After his questioning turned into a debate over the word "invasion", which the president has used to describe the illegal alien horde approaching the southern border, Trump had enough.

Jun 11, 2018. Trump also ignored Acosta when he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a historic summit that followed months of nuclear brinksmanship.

Sanders initially explained the decision by accusing Acosta of making improper physical contact with the intern seeking to grab the microphone. The aide tried to take it away and Acosta resisted, briefly touching her on the arm as he did. "CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them".

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Trump also criticised another reporter, April Ryan, who works for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN, referring him as "a loser" and "very nasty".

Besides seeking an injunction to let Acosta return immediately, CNN is launching a case that will test the ability of government officials anywhere to freeze out a reporter who displeases them.

Smith spoke to As It Happens host Carol Off more about what happened at the White House press conference.

Richard Tofel, the president of ProPublica, tweeted on Friday morning, "What is the plan for when Trump concocts an excuse for vetoing a reporter" from the New York Times or Washington Post?

Another possible parallel: A federal judge previous year struck down Trump's blocking of critics on Twitter. Other journalists speculated that Acosta losing his "hard pass" access to the White House was "unprecedented", somehow forgetting Obama's war with Fox News that included spying "extensively on Fox News reporter James Rosen in 2010, collecting his telephone records, tracking his movements in and out of the State Department and seizing two days of Rosen's personal emails", according to a Department of Justice report.

Colbert's not the only one who feels Sanders should be fired. Of course, CNN's Jim Acosta raised his hand.

A number of legal scholars have questioned Whitaker's validity as acting attorney general, as well as his fitness to oversee the Mueller investigation given Whitaker's long track record of publicly undermining the Mueller probe and claiming there was "no collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation before the investigation had concluded.

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