Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
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After Walkout, Google Agrees To Step Up Transparency, Harassment Policies

After Walkout, Google Agrees To Step Up Transparency, Harassment Policies

Google said employees will now be required to undergo sexual harassment training annually, instead of the current every two years.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Ars' request for comment. Now, Google, one of the world's most powerful and visible companies, could become a model for how to fix what's broken in tech culture - if it delivers on its promises.

"We're revamping the way we handle and look into your concerns. we will update and expand our mandatory sexual harassment training". Sexual harassment is something that we take very seriously and there is no place for it at Facebook.

The protest began last week after The New York Times reported on allegations of sexual misconduct about Andy Rubin, the creator of Google's Android software, who allegedly received a $90 million severance package in 2014 after Google concluded the assault claims were credible.

The biz intends to release its policy guidelines for reporting and handling harassment and to give employees a copy of a forthcoming internal Investigations Practice Guide, so workers know what to expect when incidents get reported.

Collective action works. It will continue working.

This news, paired with stories about several other men being rewarded for bad behavior, sparked an internal movement at Google and on November 1, thousands of Google employees around the world walked out of their jobs in protest, demanding change. "It's not even clear to me that search in China is the product we need to do today". Google is also promising "extra care and resources" for Googlers with complaints, "during and after the process", such as extended counseling and career support.

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Pichai's comments come after the company's controversial attempt to launch a censored search product in China - known as Project Dragonfly - triggered an outcry among employees and U.S. politicians amid an escalating trade war and concerns over freedom of speech. And there's something grossly infantilizing about the section of the announcement devoted to reminding Google employees that "the onus will be on leaders to take appropriate steps to restrict any excessive consumption among their teams".

A massive turnout at the "Googleplex" in Silicon Valley was the final stage of a global walkout that began in Asia and spread to Google offices in Europe.

Google said it had no further comment beyond Pichai's letter.

When a complaint goes into arbitration, an employee waives their right to sue.

If bosses do not clamp down on drinking within their teams, "more onerous action will be imposed", the Google chief warned.

Some other demands that were not answered include a commitment to end pay inequity and the appointment of an employee representative to the board of directors.

"They all have the same root cause, which is a concentration of power and a lack of accountability at the top", Parker said.

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