Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Queensland tourism in uncharted waters over Cid Harbour shark attacks

Queensland tourism in uncharted waters over Cid Harbour shark attacks

"During this holiday period, we urge people to exercise caution, stay out of the water and not throw food scraps overboard from boats", the department said.

A tourist has died after he was mauled by a shark near an idyllic beach, only weeks after two other tourists were attacked in the exact same spot.

A man has died after he was attacked by a shark while swimming in Cid Harbour at the Whitsunday Islands, where two tourists were mauled a few months ago.

The attack happened at about 5.30pm (local time) on Monday at Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island.

Signs will be installed around the area warning people not to go swimming there, Jones said, adding that, "Neither the local mayor, Andrew Willcox, marine authorities nor local tourism operators want to see drum lines redeployed".

They anchored 23 kilometers from Airlie Beach in Cid Harbor, intending to spend their first night in the protected mooring location on Whitsunday Island, the largest uninhabited island of the group, O'Connell reported.

"The man and woman who was onboard have gone into the water in the late afternoon and they were taking turns at using a stand-up paddleboard", O'Connell said.

"The majority of people from last time [in September] were very much against the drum lines".

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Ben McCauley, the emergency helicopter crew member, described the incident as "absolutely horrific".

"It was one of the more hard ones for everyone involved".

In the same harbour, Justine Barwick, a 46-year-old tourist, was attacked on September 19 while swimming from a yacht; she survived and is now recovering. The girl later had a leg amputated.

"We have to understand that while there have been two attacks in rapid succession, shark attacks are rare and sharks play an important role in the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef", he said.

Australia had not experienced a fatal shark attack since April 17 last year and its average of two deadly shark attacks per year that was recorded in recent decades has dropped.

The last shark attack in the Whitsunday Islands before the latest spate occurred on February 13, 2010, off Dent Island when a 60-year-old woman survived severe lacerations to her buttocks and major blood loss.

"We really need to be smarter than what we have been and actually learn from these things as opposed to just going out and killing animals", Dr Chapman said.

They are baited hook lines which catch sharks and other marine life, which then die or are later killed by fisheries officers.

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