Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
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'Make history here in Georgia': Obama urges voters to elect Stacey Abrams

'Make history here in Georgia': Obama urges voters to elect Stacey Abrams

The rally was the first of two the media magnate is holding for Abrams on Thursday in one of the nation's most closely watched gubernatorial races.

Winfrey is in Georgia in support of Abrams, who hopes to become Georgia's first black female governor.

Aubrey Shines commented on how Oprah Winfrey said that the ancestors of black Georgians would be proud of them for voting for Stacey Abrams.

Oprah Winfrey has quashed rumours that she will make a bid for the U.S. presidency by telling voters at a rally in Georgia, "I don't want to run".

The Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, Brian Kemp, has faced scrutiny for declining to step down from his roll as secretary of state, which oversees the state's elections. Oprah, who campaigned with Abrams in Marietta this week, was derided as a "magical negro". "I don't want to run, OK?"

Winfrey's first dive into the political arena came in 2007, when she endorsed Barack Obama and campaigned for him in SC and other states. And though she didn't allow news crews to follow her work, on Thursday afternoon, Winfrey shared a video evidence of one of her stops. "I don't want to run".

Chinese chip maker Fujian Jinhua added to USA export ban
Jinhua sued the USA company the following month in a Chinese court and obtained an order blocking sales of some Micron products. The move is likely futile as "such license applications will be reviewed with a presumption of denial", Commerce says.

"I'm not here because I'm making some grandstand, I'm thinking about running myself", Winfrey said.

"You get a vote! I came for myself, and I approve this message". "When you can feel what is the right thing to do, you can't be influenced by propaganda and fear", she said.

Though Oprah is playing it off like a grassroots campaign, her presence ejects much elitism into the political debate, being that she lives full time in a left-wing coastal haven. "And I heard Will Ferrell was going door-to-door the other day", he said.

Lemon made the remarks while discussing Oprah Winfrey's campaign speech this week for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Lucy McBath is trying to unseat Rep. Karen Handel, who won a special election previous year over Jon Ossoff in a race that became the most expensive House contest ever.

According to the Associated Press, only a deputy registrar can verify proof of citizenship at a polling place, which the groups argued amounted to an undue burden.

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