Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
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Tyler Perry reveals he's killing off iconic Madea character

Tyler Perry reveals he's killing off iconic Madea character

Perry said he is taking Madea on a farewell stage tour, and he says he'll use 2019's "Family Funeral" to end her storyline.

"This is it", he told SiriusXM radio host Bevy Smith on her show Bevelations on Monday (October 29).

"I just don't want to be her age [still] playing her", 49-year-old Perry said. We gonna say goodbye in '19.

He also said on the program that his team finished shooting the film two years ago, but wanted to stagger its release following 2016 and 2017's Madea Halloween films.

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Filmmaker Tyler Perry says he's retiring the character of Madea, the tough-talking grandmother he first brought to life back in 1999.

Tyler Perry's latest movie, Acrimony, starring Taraji P. Henson, was the cause of several Twitter arguments these past few months as Nigerian moviegoers debated the merits of the movie and it's intricate - if not, emotionally exhausting - plotline. He'll also play her on a farewell stage tour. The final film in Madea's franchise will premiere next year.

However, we are still not sure if, as the movie's name suggests, if it is Madea's funeral. The character is known to use comical and vulgar language, and has a litany of criminal offenses, which was especially highlighted in 2009's "Madea Goes to Jail".

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