Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
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The mother saw her son after 31 years after his abduction

The mother saw her son after 31 years after his abduction

A Canadian mother has been reunited with her son abducted three decades earlier by his father, whom police said on Monday (Oct 30) fled with the boy to the U.S. and raised him under an alias.

A resident of Canada Lynette Mann-Lewis met his son after 31 years after boy was kidnapped and taken to U.S. by his father.

She said she had endured many hard days over the 31 years and boarded a flight to the US to reunite with her son shortly after hearing that he'd been found.

Mann grew up believing that his mother had died shortly after his birth and remained unaware of his true identity or how he had entered the country until Friday, when United States marshals took his father into custody.

Mann-Lewis said she was notified October 25 that her son had been found.

The 66-year-old Mann was produced in a federal court in Hartford on charges of making false statements in transactions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Police say Mann is facing multiple criminal charges in the USA, but will be extradited to Canada to face one count of abduction.

The father and son had been living under aliases in a Hartford suburb. "I touched him and said, "Oh my God, my baby".

"All things are possible". Officials then notified Jermaine Mann's mother that her son had been found.

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"They lived, basically, a life of lies as to who they were and what they did, unbeknownst to Jermaine", Toronto Police Det.

In August, U.S. marshals interviewed several of Allan Mann's relatives and friends, including a family member who led authorities to CT and his alleged alias, according to an arrest warrant affidavit prepared by a HUD special agent. He said, "Mommy, you have my eyes".

While trying to overcome her emotion, Lyneth Mann-Lewis urged others to never give up hope of finding their missing loved ones.

A man arrested in CT on Friday wasn't afraid to use the court system, although he was accused of abducting his toddler son in 1987 and living under an assumed name.

After decades of waiting, Mann-Lewis said in many ways the last few hours before seeing her son again were the worst.

"And since his son is a victim in this case, we can't disclose any information about him", Department of Justice spokesman Thomas Carson said on Monday. A forensic specialist then analyzed a photo of Mr. Mann alongside the driver's licence photo of a man named Hailee DeSouza, and determined that they were likely the same person. He and Ms Mann-Lewis had separated the year before. After 31 long years of suffering I never gave up.

Flanked by officials with the Missing Children Society, she said she agonized over the pending reunion, especially after her original flight to CT was cancelled and the party had to catch a later flight.

All local leads on Mann Jr. went cold until Toronto police hooked up with U.S. Marshals at a 2016 fugitive conference where they discussed the Mann Jr. case. We did, I'm going to guess, 3,000 to 4,000 interviews.

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