Published: Tue, October 30, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Sarah Sanders Won't Name Which Journalists Trump Considers Enemies Of The People

Sarah Sanders Won't Name Which Journalists Trump Considers Enemies Of The People

Trump praised US law enforcement officials for making the arrest and said political violence must never be tolerated.

Trump has said he will travel to Pittsburgh, but the White House has not offered any details on his plans.

ABC News' Jonathan Karl began the pile-on at the briefing's opening, asking Sanders if Trump harbored "any concern at all that his words could inspire or provoke troubled people to do terrible things?"

It continues: "The murderer's last public statement invoked the compassionate work of the Jewish refugee service HIAS at the end of a week in which you spread lies and sowed fear about migrant families in Central America".

"I know that she's very grief stricken, I can imagine, and my heartfelt condolences go to her, and everybody in that congregation regardless of politics", Conway said on CNN.

However, with fierce arguments erupting over whether Trump's own daily rhetoric is feeding the increasingly risky climate, even the subject of a possible visit has become a bone of contention.

"The hypocritical words that come from him tell me nothing". During today's briefing, Acosta attempted to bait Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders into saying which journalists and news outlets are considered to be the "enemy of the people".

Meanwhile, US Muslim community groups had raised more than $126,500 by midday Monday in support of the survivors of the synagogue attack.

CJI-led bench to hear plea of exiled CBI chief today
The ruling BJP and the Opposition would wait for the Supreme Court's order in the removal of CBI director with bated breath today. NGO Common Cause also filed a similar PIL seeking quashing of adverse orders by the government against Alok Verma .

"That is outrageous that that would be the very first reaction", she told reporters at a White House briefing.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump congratulated the newly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right nationalist with a history of denigrating women, gays and minorities.

Speaking to CNN after the Behind the Arc letter was issued, Lynette Lederman, the former president of the Tree of Life synagogue said she agreed with the letter.

Many mainstream media members and Democrats suggested Trump and his tough rhetoric were to blame for the mail bomb targeting - even before Sayoc's identity was revealed. We need to do, we need to act, to tone down rhetoric.

In that clip, he references Republican congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot past year by a left-wing activist, as proof that both sides of the political aisle can produce violence. And they are using his position of power as justification and motivation for violence.

After the attack, Trump questioned why the synagogue didn't lock its doors or have armed guards stationed there.

Kellyanne Conway managed to blame the recent violence on ... late night comedians?

Karl pressed her, pointing out that Trump on Twitter blamed the "fake news" media for dividing Americans and causing "great anger" with their "dishonest reporting".

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