Published: Mon, October 29, 2018
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Businesses ‘Will Pay the Price’ of No-Deal Brexit, Says Report

Businesses ‘Will Pay the Price’ of No-Deal Brexit, Says Report

Labour leader Mr Corbyn has told his party to hold firm on its position on Brexit, insisting it was a "false choice" that Labour MPs had to vote either for a Brexit deal brokered by Mrs May or risk a no-deal exit.

"The shape of the deal across the vast majority of the Withdrawal Agreement is now clear".

More details on this will emerge.

The most complex issues relating to the movement of goods at the border, such as arrangements to apply at the Northern Ireland and Ireland border and a system that will allow roll-on roll-off ferry ports and Eurotunnel to operate smoothly still need to be resolved.

"The suggestions about a return to violence as a result of Northern Ireland leaving the European Union are incredibly careless", Foster wrote.

"It's crystal clear the European Union will not accept any deal that does not include the backstop for Northern Ireland".

Downing Street, for its part, has indicated that the vote will binary: A simple yes-no question where the alternative to voting against the prime minister's deal is leaving with European Union no deal at all.

The possibility of no deal being struck has spooked markets in recent months. "I'm not sure Theresa May was humiliated in Salzburg", Coveney, who is also Ireland's foreign minister, told Sky.

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But the EU's shift, as talks move into an end-game where failure would see Britain crashing out of the bloc in March, is part of what one senior negotiator calls a "jigsaw" solution -elements of which on their own cross one side or the other's red lines but that, as a whole, form a package both can live with.

Amid talk of a leadership challenge, criticism of May has grown increasingly intemperate. The arrangement both sides are studying is very close to a customs union in EU eyes, but Brussels understands that May can not call it that.

But Ms Flint, an MP for more than 20 years, made clear she was fed up with abuse and insults over Brexit from whichever side of the argument they came from. "Logistics businesses are being left as the "fall guys" for the government's lack of planning, and with most of FTA's questions over future trading arrangements still unanswered, it will be hard for our members to keep doing what they do best, which is adapt to new circumstances and keep Britain trading", said Bastidon.

There is a certain amount of momentum building around giving United Kingdom voters a second chance to rethink their 2016 decision.

Caroline Flint revealed she had been warned "you'll be hanging from a rope" for her views.

Sturgeon said: "Almost with every day that passes right now, instead of the UK Government opening up negotiating space that increases the possibility of reaching a deal that then can attract political support, they seem to be closing down that negotiating space and digging themselves deeper into the hole they've got themselves in".

But despite Mrs May seeming to dampen speculation of an imminent bid to oust her with a well-received address to a meeting of the 1922 Committee of backbenchers, former cabinet minister Nicky Morgan predicted the PM only had months left in power.

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