Published: Sun, October 28, 2018
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Newswatch: Chevy Cruze earns Consumer Reports reliability recommendation

Newswatch: Chevy Cruze earns Consumer Reports reliability recommendation

This year's survey got info on over 500,000 vehicles from model years 2000 to 2018. Buick, which had recently been a bright spot for reliability among all domestics, falls 11 spots to 19-this year's biggest decline.

While the Tesla Model S appears very similar physically to the auto that launched six years ago, Tesla has made many significant mechanical and software changes over the past few years.

In its profile of the Cruze, CR describes it as having "big vehicle virtues in a small package" and says it "takes the best attributes of Chevrolet's accomplished Malibu and Impala, as well as the brand's familiar styling, and tucks them into a more maneuverable and fuel-efficient package".

A worker cleans a Tesla Model S sedan before an event April 22, 2014, to deliver the first set of cars to customers in Beijing.

Along with Elon Musk's botched plan this summer to take Tesla private, the electric vehicle maker now has dropped to near the bottom of Consumer Reports' influential reliability ratings.

Every year, Consumer Reports sends a questionnaire to its members to learn about issues that they've had with their cars over the past year, the severity of those issues, etc. Mazda, Subaru and Kia rounded out the top five.

"Just as we've seen with many other automakers, major changes and updates can cause reliability to slide". "Making air suspension and AWD standard in the 2017 model has added more complexity and more things that could potentially falter".

The Model X SUV remained "Much-Worse-Than-Average" for reliability, with ongoing problems including the falcon-wing doors and center display screen.

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Of course, Tesla's not exactly chipper at the news.

Tesla dropped six spots to No. 27, with the Model S getting a "below average" mark, thanks in part to reported suspension issues and problems with the extending door handles.

"Suspension issues for Model S have improved 65 percent since previous year", she said, "and we continue to make further improvements".

Japanese and South Korean auto manufacturers are seen as the most reliable compared to European and American brands, says an independent report of over 500,000 vehicles. Other models to lose the status are the Honda Odyssey, BMW X3 and soon-to-be-discontinued Ford Fusion.

Volvo drops six spots from past year as it rapidly brings a number of new models to market.

Buick's Enclave was the most reliable vehicle the brand had until the redesign, and now it's the worst, dragging down Buick's score, Fisher said.

Fellow Japanese carmaker Mazda Motor Corp.'s Mazda brand moved up nine spots to third place thanks to the increased reliability of its MX-5 sports model, the magazine said.

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