Published: Thu, October 25, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Makes It Easier to Review and Delete Your Search Data

Google Makes It Easier to Review and Delete Your Search Data

This is why Google is bringing new changes that will let you review and delete recent search history within Google search itself. Google says in a blog post it will also provide speedy access to other privacy-related settings as you search, like letting you access ad privacy settings.

Ever since Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, concerns over the privacy and security of user data have continued to sit in the spotlight.

To delete the search information this company has stored about you, go to on your iPhone, iPad or another computer. Ad personalisation can be similarly switched off. Google recently also had announced tighter privacy policies for third party apps on its Play Store.

Under the new overhaul, users can immediately access their Google search settings by simply heading to the "Settings" tab in their Google search and clicking "Your data in Search". This option is not completely new, but following today's announcement, it is no longer necessary to dig deep into settings to access it - it is being pushed more front and center rather than being hidden on your Google Account page. Tap that, and you'll instantly get into the menu that used to be buried several menus deep in the My Account landing page.

On a smartphone, tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the Google search results page.

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Scroll down to the "Your search activity section". One of its biggest sources of that data is Google Search, which serves as the company's marquee product.

"Next year, we'll expand this to Maps, followed by many other Google products", Miraglia said.

We're also providing quick access to the privacy controls in your Google Account that are most relevant as you use Search.

The changes will be rolling out to Google Search for desktop and mobile web browsers from today, and will find their way to the iOS and Android Google apps in the coming weeks.

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