Published: Mon, October 22, 2018
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

NOAA Predicts Mild Michigan Winter Ahead

NOAA Predicts Mild Michigan Winter Ahead

They anticipate a weak El Nino but it could still mean a warmer-than-usual winter for those of us here in southern Wisconsin. The active El Nino winter in North America - in the Midwest and in Canada is usually become warmer.

Matt Rogers, president of the Commodity Weather Group, which specializes in long-range prediction, agreed with the broad strokes of NOAA's outlook but said its temperature forecast was "conservative" in the East and that he would lean toward colder conditions.

In the valley of the Tennessee, the OH valley and mid-Atlantic States (NJ, NY, MD and PA), the temperature will be or on the secondary level or above.

The only part of the country that can expect typical winter temperatures will likely be in the Southeast, spanning the states you see below that are colored white, from Florida to OH and as far west as Arkansas.

The weather services forecast doesnt look at snow likelihood. The WYMT Weather team will have their 2018-2019 Winter Outlook for Eastern Kentucky on Tuesday, November 20th.

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Winter weather expert Judah Cohen, of the private company Atmospheric and Environmental Research, uses different indicators to predict winter for the National Science Foundation. Wetter conditions are in store for much of the southern US, up into the mid-Atlantic while drier conditions are likely for the northern Rockies, Northern Plains, northern Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

The Carolinas can expect a wetter than average winter this year, according to latest seasonal forecasts.

-Even during a warmer than normal winter, it will still get cold and snow is still likely to occur. The chances are highest in southeastern Georgia and much of northern and central Florida. Don't pull a Kelly Kapoor and give away all of your winter coats to everyone around your office just yet because snowfall is still a very real possibility. Portions of the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains are also likely to experience drier-than-average conditions.

The drought outlook for is looking positive for southwestern OR, as NOAA predicts the situation will improve. The winter forecast hinges predominantly on the 75 percent chance that El Niño, characterized by warming waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean, will develop in the coming months and last through the winter.

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