Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Artist Explains Inspiration Behind Painting of Trump With Past Republican Presidents

Artist Explains Inspiration Behind Painting of Trump With Past Republican Presidents

This painting was first spotted during an interview with the United States president on 60 Minutes which aired on Sunday.

Eagle eyed viewers noticed a truly ugly photo of President Donald Trump hanging out with former Republican presidents in the White House during Leslia Stah's interview.

The internet lit up immediately when CBS tweeted an image of interviewer Lesley Stahl meeting Donald Trump for the sit-down for 60 Minutes, and behind them on the wall was the print.

The fantasy creation was mercilessly mocked on social media.

Another replaced all of the president's faces with Trump's own face, where another threw in the faces of several accused dictators.

Most shocking of all is that although the painting oozes "old boys' club" vibes, Thomas points out that it also contains a "subtle feminist message".

"The Republican Club" is part of Thomas's series of politically bipartisan paintings, which include "The Democratic Club" and "Callin' the Blue: Republican Presidents Playing Pool".

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Lincoln is opposite him and Reagan, George HW and George W Bush, an avuncular Theodore Roosevelt, and a tickled Dwight Eisenhower to Trump's right. Although Thomas has painted many political figures in the past, it's his first painting of Trump, according to the Daily Beast.

The US president said Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone will serve as his next White House counsel and that he hoped to announce a replacement for UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in the next week or two. "'I will never ever go and vote in the midterms because you're not running and I don't think you like Congress, '" Trump told the AP.

In response to Trump's interview comments, another attorney for Cohen, Lanny Davis, said on Twitter that Cohen "acknowledged and took responsibility for @realDonaldTrump @POTUS bad behavior".

The picture is said to be a nod to "Dogs Playing Poker", a much-mocked painting that is widely considered a "kitsch masterpiece".

Warren was referring to the November 6 election, when Democrats hope to regain control of the House, which would put them in position to examine and possibly publicly release Trump's returns.

Many users compared the "faceless woman" in the background to a similar woman standing in the background of the Democrat painting.

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