Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
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Warren, Trump Now at Odds Over Million-Dollar Wager on Ancestry

Warren, Trump Now at Odds Over Million-Dollar Wager on Ancestry

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a town hall-style gathering in Woburn, Ma. "Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage".

Conservative singer Kaya Jones - who actually is part Native American (and is pictured above, far left) - questioned the Warren results on Twitter when they were first released.

BOSTON That "Pocahontas" taunt must have rankled.

The Massachusetts Democrat and potential 2020 presidential contender challenged Trump to make good on his pledge to donate $1m to charity if she provided proof of Native American heritage, a moment that was caught on video.

She also said Warren appears to have the upper hand in their political rivalry.

A look at what's known about Warren and her Native American heritage. Trump has said that he hopes Warren will run in 2020, because she'll be "easy to beat". She's got ... about exactly one drop.

Republican Sen. Scott Brown's campaign last week accused Warren of "participating in Harvard's diversity sham" by allowing the school to list her as a minority. "Period", Jay Westbrook, a professor at the University of Texas Austin School of Law, says in the video. "What do the facts say?" she asks him. He says the test carries an error rate of "less than one in 1,000".

The DNA test suggests Ms Warren has a Native American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations. "As a kid, I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage". The study examined the average Native-American ancestry for Americans-including European, African and Latino Americans. But the report includes the possibility that she's just 1/1,024th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.

Elizabeth Warren's gambit to release the results of her DNA test with a plea for Democrats to "stay focused" on 2018.

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"I have a feeling she will say no", he said. She went on to request that the president send a check to National Indigenous Women's Resource Centre.

"I didn't say that", Trump said. "You were here long before any of us were here", he told the honorees.

Ms Warren was an architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set up after the 2008 financial crisis and has been a strong voice in the US Senate on financial issues. The press will surely hold the president's feet to the fire, and he will magnanimously concede that he was wrong about Warren, before apologizing for constantly mocking her for the past two years.

" 'You know, you're a nasty guy, ' he said".

Native American leaders have called Trump's mockery insensitive and an example of prejudice. "It tells us about one ancestor, and we can't rule out more ancestors".

"I respect the distinction. What kid would? But I knew my father's family didn't like that she was part Cherokee and part DE, so my parents had to elope", she said at the time, CNN reported.

This prompted claims that she lied about her ethnicity to advance her career.

Diehl said he thinks part of Warren's aim in dropping the DNA bombshell is to divert the attention of MA voters away from just how much time she is spending on her presidential ambitions.

Warren reminded the president on Monday of his promise. "A deep, independent investigation shows my background played no role in any job I got".

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