Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

"Cornerstore Caroline" Apologizes For Accusing Black Boy Of Sexual Assault

Klein claimed that the boy's mother told her she was a police officer despite video footage clearly showing it was Klein who claimed she was a police officer. A Flatbush resident named Jason Littlejohn recorded the commotion outside the establishment, and was the first to dub the woman with the "Cornerstore Caroline" moniker. She reportedly claimed the journalists "were harassing her and threatening her with violence".

"I was standing at the counter, and I was sexually assaulted", Klein told Pix11.

"I want the cops here right now", Klein is heard telling the dispatcher in the recording.

Emmett Till was a 14-year-old African-American who was lynched after he was accused of offending a white woman in her family's grocery store. The footage appears to show the boy's bag brushing against Klein's backside as he walked behind her. At worst, he brushed against her with his backpack as he walked past her with his mom.

Earlier in the day surveillance footage from inside the Sahra Deli Market had discredited Klein's story that the boy groped her.

The episode began Wednesday when Klein appeared to be calling the police on cellphone video captured by a Brooklynite who posted it to Facebook with the message, "Make this go viral".

Klein apologized after viewing the surveillance video but neighbors say it's too late to apologize. "The son grabbed my ass and she made a decision to yell at me", Klein continued, referencing the mother.

She gets the attention of the boy's mother and is seen yelling out the door before the boy's mother comes back in.

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She also claims the boy's mother threatened her life and she would like to pursue charges against her.

'There are security cameras outside of this bodega. The woman and child Klein called the police on have not been identified and have not spoken out about the incident.

An outraged witness then approaches the woman and says: 'What is your problem?

'As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and made a decision to call police on a nine year old child.

"The little kid thought he was going to go to jail for something he didn't do", Littlejohn said in an interview with the New York Times "I thought it was someone calling police for unnecessary reasons, especially on a child".

Facebook video taken in the immediate aftermath of the incident shows the woman calling the police outside the store.

In a subsequent tweet, Ramos wrote that the police arrived following the woman's call.

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