Published: Mon, October 15, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

New PlayStation 4 Bug Reportedly Breaking Consoles

New PlayStation 4 Bug Reportedly Breaking Consoles

One possible solution may be to access your messages via the mobile app and delete the offending message, though some users have found that to also be futile. "Messages" via the Sony Entertainment Network website and clicking the edit button near Messages to change your default settings.

The main advice though is to change the messaging options on the console so you only receive messages from friends or no one. Huntstark writes, "It happened to me during Rainbow Six: Siege".

If only it wasn't just bots on PSN that users need to worry about it seems that there is a new kind of messaging exploit that can be used by other players as a way to temporarily brick your console.

According to user BorgDrone, basically, someone can "brick" another's PS4 just by using "a message created to exploit a mistake in the code".

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Taking those steps will prevent anyone from sending you the problematic message.

Some users are having to report they've gone to the lengths of a factory reset on their PlayStation 4 consoles in order to clean up the mess - this looks like a particularly nasty bug. Or, if you're a grumpy bastard like I am, just disable messaging completely. Sony has offered no indication of when it will issue a fix to prevent the rogue message from bricking consoles.

From a web browser, visit the PSN Privacy setting page, then sign in with your PS4 account credentials.

If you've received a malicious message with three heart emojis followed by a question mark box symbol, chances are your PS4 has frozen up and either needed a factory reset or a database rebuild to correct it.

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