Published: Sun, October 14, 2018
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Google Pixel 3 vs. Apple iPhone XS: How the two phones compare

Google Pixel 3 vs. Apple iPhone XS: How the two phones compare

The best way to start off this comparison is to discuss everything that's shared between these phones, and thankfully for potential Pixel 3 and 3 XL buyers, most of the experience is identical. Google plans to release the device is 2018 but depending on your region the Pixel 3 may not arrive until early 2019. That philosophy carries into the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, which are identical aside from the changes necessitated by their size differences.

iPhone XS: 5.65 inches tall by 2.79 inches wide by 0.3 inches thick.

There are slim cases, and then there's the Cimo Slim Grip. At the same time as Pixel 3 launch (October 18th), we will introduce support for Android-compatible plugged-in external microphones in the default camera app for all Pixels. However, he revisited the Verizon Store, this time to scratch the glass back of Pixel 3 with a key.

Eschewing bulkier hard-plastic backs, the Liquid Crystal's flexible TPU is easy to apply and easier to grip.

The Google Pixel is slightly larger overall.


Pixel 3 comes in 3 color and as always Google has named them with a amusing name including Clearly White, Just Black, and the pinkish 'Not Pink'. Its soft TPU material adds grip without covering up the Pixel 3's beauty, and precise cutouts ensure it doesn't get in the way of the charging port, camera, and speakers. Fortunately, it has been determined that it will be possible to hide it, which we have already seen on other Android phones. Where they differ is the iPhone XS comes in 256GB or a whopping 512GB storage option as well. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 found in the Pixel 3 is a great processor-for an Android device. That makes the Pixel 3 XL to have the sharpest display among the four.

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Both the iPhone XR and the Pixel 3 have high-end, single-lens rear cameras. In fact, here's a list of 10 things the Pixel 3 can do so you can enjoy your phone to the fullest.

This video by reclusive filmmaker Terrence Malick showcases the stabilization built into this device. the video includes a lot of close-ups and the camera never seems to stop moving, yet everything does stay sharp.

Both Google and Apple phones allow call screening apps that automatically block robocalls. It should be said, of course, that the Pixel 3 does have the superior front sensor-a dual-lens 8MP camera. Since rear-facing cameras are typically used to shoot subjects that are much further away, this is less of an issue. But it lacks a zoom lens on either side, something available on some iPhones and Samsung phones.

Pixel Stand can identify your Pixel 3 though a unique wireless charging handshake.

The pixel 3 has a price tag of $799 for the 64GB model and $899 for the 128GB model.

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