Published: Thu, October 04, 2018
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Melania Trump opens Africa tour with babies

Melania Trump opens Africa tour with babies

The optics are pretty impeccable, like the $2,300 Celine dress she wore in Accra, but at the same time the Trump administration has proposed cuts to the U.S. Agency for International Development, whose programs will be on prominent display during the first lady's trip.

Mrs. Trump will be visiting three other African countries following her two-day official visit to Ghana.

"It's very emotional. I will never forget (the) incredible experience and the stories that I heard", she said after seeing the dungeons and walking through the "door of no return", the castle's final exit toward the Atlantic Ocean.

President Barack Obama and his family toured the site in 2009.

Mrs. Trump spent about 10 minutes inside the cramped male slave dungeon.

But just hours earlier, Mrs Trump was also pictured beaming widely on a well-received trip to the Ghanian capita of Accra.

The First Lady's visit comes months after U.S. president Donald Trump was accused of racism when he called some countries shithole countries.

Trump engaged in tax fraud, dubious schemes in 1990s
Trump and his siblings helped their father dodge taxes by engaging in questionable tax schemes. Still, they do raise questions about Trump's never-released tax returns.

A relaxed and smiling Melania Trump arrived in Accra from Washington on Tuesday to a red-carpet welcome of traditional dancing and flag-waving schoolchildren. "She's really doing a great job as first lady". It's hard to forget, mostly because of that less-than-subtle message scrawled across the back: "I really don't care do u?"

Melania Trump walks through the "Door of No Return" at the Cape Coast Castle.

The White House reporter for Bloomberg, Jennifer Jacobs who is part of Melania Trump's team reports a taboo at Emintsimadze Palace in Cape Coast came to an end during Mrs Trump's visit to the palace.

Numerous tweeters noticed the change in her demeanor, with Diane Ethier writing: 'Anyone else notice how happy Melania Trump looks on her SOLO trip?'

Trump is also scheduled to visit Kenya, Malawi, and Egypt where she will discuss her Be Best campaign to raise awareness of cyberbullying.

First lady Melania Trump's communications director, Stephanie Grisham, and her chief of staff, Lindsay Reynolds, are traveling with her. The event was a historic one as the king invited two disabled students, one visually impaired and one deaf, from a nearby school to attend the ceremony with the first lady.

The president has shown little interest in Africa since coming to power but tweeted about his wife's meeting with new mothers: "Proud of our great First Lady - and she loves doing this!"

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