Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Google Feed renamed to Google Discover

Google Feed renamed to Google Discover

Now searches are going to get more visual with the addition of Google Lens support in Google Image Search.

Google Images is also getting some new priorities when it comes to your search results. Now when taking a picture, the app will automatically identify all the objects inside the image: you can click on any of them and see the results.

"When you come to Google Images for help on a task, the page where an image lives is important".

The Google search engine is being redesigned for recommended content. 'Discover' update on Google will show videos and other things related to the list of your interests. It basically takes content from the web and turns it into a Story (like Snapchat Stories) that can be viewed on the search feed. "Today, we're introducing three fundamental shifts in how we think about Search, including a range of new features that use AI to make your search experience more visual and enjoyable".

The revamp uses artificial intelligence to help customers find goods on the Web, relying more on images rather than text.

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Accusations against Gulf countries will nearly certainly antagonise Iran's regional foe Saudi Arabia . Of the 25 people killed, 12 were from Ahvaz and the rest from elsewhere in Khuzestan.

Next up is something called Activity Cards. These visual stories will now surface in Google Images and Discover, the company said.

The cards won't appear for every search; instead, Google "intelligently" shows it when it's useful.

The new "Activity Cards" enable users to retrace search steps through cards that are only to them, which allow them to quickly return to recent searches. However, what if you don't use Google Assistant? Most recently, the European Union created laws that specifically require Google to "forget" people if requested. The company said "evergreen" pieces that aren't new will also be shown if they're relevant to the user. The multiple language feature is initially available in English and Spanish.

"We've been able to do this in part thanks to advancements in computer vision, which help [s] us extract concepts from images", explained Cathy Edwards, director of engineering for Google Images, in a blog post Monday.

The news about Google's plan to build a censored search engine in China broke in August when The Intercept reported that the search platform would blacklist "sensitive queries" about topics including politics, free speech, democracy, human rights and peaceful protest, triggering internal protests among some Google employees. This makes it easy to revisit past searches and the websites you visited along the way.

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