Published: Wed, September 26, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Rod Rosenstein Is Planning to Resign

Rod Rosenstein Is Planning to Resign

When Jordan quoted a Fox News report alleging that Rosenstein had threatened to subpoena phone records from staff on the House Intelligence Committee, Rosenstein shot back tell him not to rely "on what the press said" and to inform him snarkily that there was "no way to subpoena phone calls".

Mere hours after the Rosenstein-hysteria kicked off, Vanity Fair published its version of events: That President Trump fired the attorney general as a means of misdirecting the American people from the Kavanaugh controversy in a game of 7-D chess. "We want to have transparency, we want to have openness".

If Rosenstein departs the Justice Department, oversight of the Mueller probe would transfer to Solicitor-General Noel Fransisco. At that moment, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was deeply suspicious of Rosenstein's role in the decision, and the Justice Department was anxious it had lost credibility with Congress for giving Trump a memo that said the Federal Bureau of Investigation needed new leadership.

Rep. Jerry Nadler did not specifically mention impeachment in a CNN interview on Monday.

The New York Times reported Rosenstein discussed clandestinely recording Trump in order to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president to serve in the president's place if the president is found to be unfit to carry out his constitutional duties. Whether he is fired or resigns on his own could affect who will oversee the Russian Federation investigation.

The White House says Trump and Rosenstein will meet Thursday.

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The White House announced the meeting on Monday after a flurry of conflicting media reports about whether Rosenstein, a frequent target of Trump's anger, would be leaving the post.

Rosenstein had the authority to make that move after Sessions was forced to recuse himself from any potential Russian investigations because he'd had contacts with officials from Moscow while he was a Trump campaign advocate in 2016. Rosenstein has steadfastly denied that report in public, with other sources at the Justice Department claiming the comment was really made, but was a joke or sarcastic.

The White House says Trump and Rosenstein will meet Thursday. "We expect that it should and, again, they've spent a year and a half and found nothing that has anything to do with this president because there was nothing". A second person said that Mr Rosenstein isn't expected to be in the job after Monday.

She was grilled about the chaos at the White House on Monday as there was a flurry of reports he was headed there to offer his resignation but he turned up instead to attend a routine Cabinet meeting.

It's unclear what will happen Thursday. Despite his "You're Fired!" tagline from his "The Apprentice" reality show days, the president has shown himself reluctant to directly fire aides himself. He dispatched his former bodyguard to fire former FBI Director James Comey - though Comey was out of town. "Resigning, on the other hand, gives Trump everything he wants, both politically and procedurally". Kelly reportedly told Rosenstein that his ousting before the midterms elections would be damaging to Trump. In addition to dealing with the Mueller investigation, the White House is also struggling to win confirmation of its Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. Bloomberg also reports that had "verbally" resigned.

President Trump is facing a big decision about whether or not to fire a top official in the Justice Department. "If Rosenstein forces Trump to fire him, Trump might have to fight legally to appoint an acting AG".

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