Published: Sun, September 23, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

Microsoft and Amazon to bring Skype calling to Alexa enabled devices

Microsoft and Amazon to bring Skype calling to Alexa enabled devices

At the event, Amazon also announced a new device with which it wants to step out of your living rooms and into your cars - the Echo Auto. The design is similar to those of its predecessor. It also up a new signature Amazon fabric finish and is shipping next month for the same price as the original, US$50.

Echo Input is a new device that can turn any other speaker into an Echo smart speaker device - well, sort of. The market researcher says about 12 million smart speakers like the Amazon Echo shipped in the April through June period. You'll find the new Echo Dot on Amazon for sale right now for approximately $50 United States dollars. There is also an upgraded 3-inch speaker with more solid and deeper bass as well as clearer mids and highs. Their new Simple Setup and Alexa Connect technologies will make it easier to connect appliances to the internet, and there's the possibility of offering these systems to third parties. The pricing is, however, the same $149.99 as the previous model. Pre-orders are available for $180, and cameras should be in homes on October 18.

Alexa Guard can send you alerts with audio clips when specific sounds are detected, for instance, and you can choose to forward those alerts to your security provider. Another bundle features the Echo Sub with two Echo Plus devices for $249.97.

Just stopping short of a new kitchen sink range, the online retailer is going big on hardware as a showcase for the burgeoning talents of its Alexa voice recognition system, whose talents have mushroomed since a basic system was first revealed in 2014.

And, of course, there was the $60 microwave, which Limp contended was a strong test because of how much microwaves interfere with wireless connectivity used by devices to communicate.

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The $60 Dollars microwave also includes Dash Replenishment Services, which means the cooking box can also automatically reorder food from Amazon. A couple things are simply new versions of devices, and others are brand new, top to bottom.

Make no mistake, that's definitely not as far as the story goes.

Users can then ask Alexa to play music, play podcasts, make calls, manage calendars, and deliver directions via phone apps like Google Maps or Waze. It taps power from a car's 12V power outlet or using a USB port. It's a small slab of black plastic with a blue LED strip at the front that pairs with the car's radio and a smartphone using Bluetooth. There is also the option to connect using an FM transmitter adapter. There is also a dashboard mount with which it is attached firmly to the car's dashboard.

The study determined that although nearly all iPhone users say they have tried Siri, more than seventy percent say they use it only rarely. With Amazon Echo Auto.

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