Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
Tech | By Constance Martin

A-Fortress item coming soon to Fortnite

A-Fortress item coming soon to Fortnite

"Imagine new ways to play with the Spiky Stadium". Port-a-Fortress items are considered a Legendary item that can be dropped from vending machines, chests, supply llamas or supply drops. Save the World partakers also have something to look forward to, with a new Challenge Week arriving on the scene.

Stay tuned for more information about what comes out of update 5.41 in the coming days, and check out the full patch notes on Epic's website.

"We were inspired by the fantastic things you've been making within Playground, and can not wait to see what you create as we continue to build out the future of creative mode in Fortnite", Epic said. I personally think this worked extremely well in the 50s variant, and so I'm looking forward to some insane endgame scenarios, as players tend to end up zooming around like insane while trying to stay alive.

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This means the Patriots are giving up very little for Gordon, effectively draft capital equivalent to a sixth-round draft pick. Belichick will hold a press conference on Friday, during which he'll likely field additional questions about Gordon.

First up, the "Port-a-Fortress" has been added to the Battle Royale mode. Judging by the announcement, the Port-A-Fortress will probably be a legendary item. The Port-a-Fortress instantly builds a huge fortification, as seen in the video embedded below. This is mostly the same as a normal Battle Royale game, with one key difference: you can now deploy your glider when you're falling from a large height, so expect to see a lot of players gliding around the battlefield.

The stadium houses walls decorated with damage traps and bouncers, and it can be magicked up in an instant. Spiky Stadium should, however, still offer some fun when you get hold of it, although Epic aren't exactly sure what that fun will be. Sounds like it has some insane potential!

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