Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
Global Media | By Garry Long

Manafort pleads guilty, will cooperate with special counsel

Manafort pleads guilty, will cooperate with special counsel

According to the arrangement, he has reportedly agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller III who is now investigating the USA president's links to Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Manafort's cooperation in this investigation has eliminated a potential 10-year prison sentence. It also appears to vindicate the ability of special counsel Robert Mueller's team to secure convictions from a jury of average citizens despite months of partisan attacks, including from Trump, on the investigation's integrity.

Manafort whose crimes extend as far back as to his career as a political consultant in Ukraine, can now shape the final stages of the Russian Federation inquiry as he has been at the centre of the presidential campaign.

He said Manafort was evaluating all of his options. That adds up to tens of millions of dollars - maybe enough to pay for the Mueller investigation, as one blogger, Marcy Wheeler, has noted.

Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump's feeble campaign chairman, will get to take care of his $1.25 million dwelling at the BallenIsles Country Membership in Palm Sea scramble Gardens, Florida. Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had suggested a pardon might be a possibility after the investigation was concluded.

What if Manafort knows something else, or many other somethings else, that are not part of the Russian Federation imbroglio as it is understood today? A jury there found him guilty of tax evasion, failing to report foreign bank accounts and bank fraud.

Likewise, legal scholars say, Manafort's cooperation, as well as that of Trump's former longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, will likely help Mueller and NY federal prosecutors get information on an even bigger fish.

Trump was quoted by CNN as saying, "Fake news and the Russian witch hunt". What's the need for another trial?.They've got enough to put him in jail.

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First of all it seems 'pardon-proof, ' thwarting Trump who kept dangling the reward that if Manafort kept his lips sealed the president would keep him out of prison.

Rick Gates, Manafort's former business partner and the campaign's deputy chairman, pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for his cooperation, later testifying against Manafort in Virginia.

Manafort offered to provide a briefing on the campaign the following month to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to The Washington Post.

Manafort, who had repeatedly insisted that he would not cooperate with the special counsel, has been reassessing his legal risks after last month's trial. Manafort's plea makes reference to a written proffer agreement on Tuesday - showing he has been in talks with the special counsel's office at least for several days.

Before Manafort pleaded guilty, Weissmann gave a 40-minute description of the criminal conduct in the case. "'Justice" took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to "break" - make up stories in order to get a "deal.' Such respect for a courageous man!"

JOHNSON: If he gets a pardon, Mueller may be able to keep all of those goodies under the terms of the plea deal.

Trump's former longtime attorney Michael Cohen went from serving as his personal "pit bull" to implicating Trump in campaign law violations - the same day Manafort was convicted in his first federal trial in the Eastern District of Virginia. Perhaps Manafort lost his will or the financial means to fight. He was present at the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 in which Trump aides met with a Russian delegation allegedly peddling dirt on Hillary Clinton, but others who attended the meeting have already given testimony to Mueller, without anything explosive emerging. "Justice" took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to 'break" - make up stories in order to get a 'deal.' Such respect for a fearless man!'

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