Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
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Climate Change Summit In San Francisco Draws Crowds Of Protesters

Climate Change Summit In San Francisco Draws Crowds Of Protesters

"He's in there patting himself on the back, claiming climate action leadership, but climate leaders don't drill".

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff addressed the Global Climate Action Summit Thursday in San Francisco.

Brown signed legislation this week committing California - the fifth largest economy in the world - to 100 per cent clean electricity by 2045.

Romano said that policy decisions by individual governments, such as Trump's reversal of Obama-era fuel efficiency standards, could be "speed bumps" in the growth of EVs, but policies already established in California and the European Union, as well as the quality and falling price of EVs, meant that their use would continue to expand. The mayor of Paris and other top officials who were instrumental in securing the 2015 U.N. climate accord open the California summit by talking about the importance of continuing the path to clean energy, despite President Donald Trump's withdrawal of the United States from the pact.

"We are seeing businesses lead the way, we are seeing investors lead the way, we are seeing cities and counties and all kinds of civic organizations leading the way", he said. As such, NAZCA will continue to play a key role in providing visibility and tracking the diversity of climate action and mobilizing broader engagement to help countries achieve and exceed their national commitments.

"I'm volunteering to attend the event trying to understand what everybody is talking about, how our decisions are made, who is making decision, who has the power to decide climate policy", she said. "It's a demonstration of activism, it's a demonstration of will, it's a demonstration of engagement by all sorts of sub-national players, and I think that's all been tremendously useful".

Florence downgraded to tropical storm just 50 miles off coast
Expert scientists, however, had said they were anxious about Brunswick because of scant public information about its readiness. But Florence's forward movement had slowed to a crawl, and it piled on the rain in a siege that could go on all weekend long.

Here's just one example of why: Gov. This was billed as a success story by the two leaders, and the report also contained a roadmap to getting the USA much closer to its Paris goal.

"This is 10 points, 10 dimensions where we are looking".

Throughout the summit, the United Kingdom has showcased a range of national and global commitments to tackle climate change, from driving the development of the zero emissions transport sector, to our support for small states and vulnerable communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Xie Zhenhua, special representative for climate change affairs of China, said that China has made the fight against climate change a major strategy of its economic and social development. We also want to help United Kingdom businesses capitalise on the growing investment opportunities as countries transition to clean, low carbon economies. Brown compared the task ahead to climbing Everest a few times during the summit.

And when you are talking about shifting trillions of dollars to finance initiatives, the private sector needs to get involved and that's happening, said Nigel Purvis, chief executive officer of the non-profit Climate Advisers and a former climate negotiator in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. "As the greatest custodians of the Paris Agreement, mayors of the world's great cities have once again shown that cities are getting the job done".

The portal will therefore serve a critical function by capturing the breadth and depth of this action from the "real world" economy, gradually incorporating new data over the coming months from more than 12,000 stakeholders, and capturing many more commitments going forward.

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