Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Amy Schumer flips on Cynthia Nixon, will vote for Andrew Cuomo

Amy Schumer flips on Cynthia Nixon, will vote for Andrew Cuomo

A campaign mailer accusing ny gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon of anti-Semitism was drafted and approved by people connected with incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo's campaign team. The unconventional medley ignited a firestorm on Twitter over the weekend, but Nixon has bigger fish to fry. She also paints Cuomo as a moderate Democrat, if not one that leans toward Republican, Pehme said.

While the contours of the Democratic race in NY look similar to those upsets, Nixon, best known for her Emmy-winning role on HBO's "Sex and the City", has steadily trailed Cuomo by 30 points or more in opinion polls. For instance, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's win against 10-term Rep. Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District race was a "political upset", according to Pehme.

Voters in NY reported a number of problems at polling locations during the state's primary on Thursday. He leads likely Democratic voters by 41 points over Nixon, with leads ranging from 20 to 77 points across all geographic, racial and gender categories. Nevertheless, a former state Democratic Party chair said based on her experience there was "no way" the mailer was sent out without the "explicit consent" of Cuomo or his senior staff. "It's time to make it legal for everybody else". Many condemned the mailer as "beyond the pale", including the rabbi of the temple Nixon attends in NY.

A group of rogue Democrats who were members of what they called the "Independent Democratic Conference" caucused with Republicans, giving Republicans more control of the chamber and thus the ability to foil progressive legislation.

The most-watched race is the fiercely fought contest between Cuomo and Nixon. This year he's spent millions on ads and, intentionally or not, moved to the left on issues such as legalizing marijuana, banning plastic bags, returning voting rights to former inmates and addressing conditions in New York City public housing.

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As soon as the pilot was completed, Moonves informed me that it would not be picked up. "I would not work again for seven years". Bloodworth-Thomason says Les Moonves denied requests from both Bette Midler and Huey Lewis to work on TV pilots with her.

"To be informed about Andrew Cuomo is to want a change", she said.

Cuomo is the son of famed former NY governor and almost-presidential candidate Mario Cuomo. Though she's always been an activist for her favored causes of education and same-sex marriage, running for office is new to her. Teachers on strike would cause school closures, sanitation workers on the streets would result in a health crisis, and the shutting down of the MTA would cripple New York City's subway system. Nixon has pledged to pass congestion pricing and a tax on the wealthy to pay for much-needed repairs to an aging infrastructure.

If Nixon can muster a higher turnout on her behalf compared to Cuomo, then she might be able to exceed expectations.

Cuomo has the nomination of the Independence Party and the Women's Equality Party, while Nixon has been nominated by the Working Families Party - though she has said she will seek to remove her name if she doesn't beat Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

While Cuomo has inveighed against President Donald Trump's policies repeatedly, the anti-Trump wave of progressive engagement has created a disconnect between Cuomo's record, which is fairly moderate, and the feisty attitude of the current Democratic base.

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