Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
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WaPo: Say, this attack on Collins might well be bribery after all

WaPo: Say, this attack on Collins might well be bribery after all

If she votes for the nomination, the donors' credit cards will be charged. Collins has said she wants to ensure Roe v. Wade is not overturned, but also voted for Kavanaugh already, when he was nominated in 2006 to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Here's the catch: money pledged to the effort will be refunded if Collins votes against Kanavaugh. "Her offices received 3,000-plus wire hangers. We will continue to participate in our democracy", she said.

Even if Collins has "chuckled" over the calls of Americans to vote against Kavanaugh-who is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in decades with just 38 percent of the public backing him-there is no question that Mainers protesters are making their voices heard not just in boots-on-the-ground demonstrations but also through a method elected officials generally pay attention to: financial contributions.

"If you care at all about women's choice, vote no on Kavanaugh, don't be a dumb b--", one caller said. Don't be a dumb bitch. Collins' vote could decide whether he is appointed. "And you stood by 'Oh, I didn't know, I'm so naive, ' f-- you!" I'm so naive.' F*** you.

King spoke Tuesday at a rally outside her Anchorage office, saying she shouldn't bow to President Donald Trump. "Think of that every meal". "And I've gotten notes from sources that people feel really uncomfortable with how this is playing out".

"Susan Collins really values her reputation as being independent". If Collins votes to confirm Kavanaugh, all that money will be sent to the TBD Democrat running against her.

Barack Obama Labels Donald Trump A 'Symptom Of Division'
In one of the speech's more timely soundbites , Obama blasted his successor's fierce and frequent attacks on the press . Obama said it's not an exaggeration to say the midterm elections are the most important in his lifetime.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, came to Collins' defense on Wednesday, tweeting through his office account that "every Democrat should be condemning these antics in ME - attempting to bribe Senator Collins to vote against Judge Kavanaugh and threatening sexual violence against staffers if she votes for him is absolutely disgusting".

"We talk a lot about how there's no bipartisanship in Washington".

Hunt's response to the abusive phone calls contrasts the reaction another MSNBC panel had to the profanity-laced voicemails. The liberal groups chose the right candidate to target, but it seems they went far astray in this attempted bribe.

Judiciary Committee Democrats repeatedly pressed Kavanaugh on abortion rights, gay rights, health care, executive authority and the ongoing Russian Federation probe last week, but the often-contentious exchanges did not spur a critical group of centrist Democrats to commit to voting for or against the nominee.

"These are the life-and-death things people are talking about", she concluded. "Actually, two told me that; one told me it's extortion". "Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings absolutely bring abortion and reproductive rights as a top midterm election issue, in a way it might not have been otherwise".

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